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Additions in New Quizzes

The new quiz engine tool is incredibly exciting when first starting out. My only critique here, is that many of these new questions formats, and several of the classic formats, do not allow the usage of MathML or access to the equation editor. For example, I can only write out an equation where access to the full RCE is enabled. I’m aware that enabling the full RCE for every question type is quite a stretch, but is there anyway to simply add the equation editor? Doing so would be life changing to us math and science teachers. Currently math and science teachers can’t write any form of equations in the following: drop down, category, matching, fill in the blank (on students end). Essentially we’re left with multiple choice, multiple answer, ordering, and true/false. The math and science teachers are begging for this small addition to the new quiz engine tool. The use of the equation editor on all question formats would simply be a HUGE step forward in Canvas’ current journey of LMS domination.

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I agree!!  With so many wonderful features to use, it's a shame that math and science teachers cannot use all of them.  It is terribly limiting, especially for creating calculus and higher level math questions that could be written in a more thoughtful and process driven manner if only we had access to creating math equations for ALL the question types.  Please provide MathML for ALL!!  

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Please make the equation editor accessible for all question types!