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Learner II

Allow Multiple Attempts

Bug Report:

Created a quiz. Set up the questions.  In Settings, nothing happens when I toggle on "Allow Multiple Attempts."  I leave that area, come back, the toggle is on and I have 3 things to choose from (score to keep, number of attempts, waiting period).  In true Canvas fashion, new options appear as I make choices.  In each case, when I attempt to change an option, nothing happens/no apparent response.  I leave the Settings menu and come back, my selection is in place as are any new options.

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Hi  @rake_9 ‌,

Thank you for the bug report.

Settings are auto-saved in the background as they are completed. This is why you are noticing that your settings and chosen options remain in place.

Sorry for any confusion and I hope this helps.


Kevin Dougherty

Assoc. Product Manager, Assessments


Yes, but should I not see the new options as I interact with the page, rather than after I refresh / leave the page and return?  I'm not at all confused about the settings being saved. I'm reporting that the interface doesn't change until I refresh.

Oh my, I'm sorry I overlooked that detail. You absolutely should not have to refresh.

Can you please provide some details about your browser and the URL of your Canvas instance?