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Attempt due date, custom quiz location, and a whole lot of new feature ideas

In the original Quizzes tool, just beneath the time running section, there's a field for when the quiz will be due [3], as you can see here.

Image result for canvas quiz meant to be

However, in Quizzes.Next, there isn't one. I want it to look similar to this. Furthermore, could you please add the fields to create a custom location for a testing center?


As you can see, the Attempt Due shows two due dates, due to the fact that the course's time zone and the student's time zone are different. The Time Remaining shows the approximate time until the Attempt Due date (or lock due date). In this picture, we use the lock date as the due date, which is June 26, 2019.

The Location shows the place where the quiz is being held at. You can give your location a nickname, just like you do with courses. For this example, I used the Quiz Bowl Tent, which reminds me of the circus theme at InstructureCarn 2018, because circuses take place under a big top (aka tent).
The Address shows the physical address of the venue. You can just enter N/A if you don't want to provide an address.

Linking Course Content

Still, there is no way to link course content with Quizzes.Next, but if there's one, I would link it to an event from the course calendar. One can get to it just by clicking the View Event button just beneath the corresponding post that links to this event.

Additional Question Types

I really want new question types to appear in Quizzes.Next.

  • Multiple Choice: Add numbers like 1-2-3-4, A-B-C-D, F-G-H-J, and W-X-Y-Z
  • Quiz Bowl (not yet added as a question type): This reminds me of the Science Bowl. Toss-up questions are shown first, with a bonus question appearing if the student answers correctly on the toss-up question. Multiple-choice questions are usually W-X-Y-Z based.

Quizzes.Next Time Running

(Ignore the Begin button, because the student has already started the quiz!)

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello  @Kelvin_Dean .  You have some interesting insight into features for Quizzes.Next.  The folks at Instructure have mentioned that they are working on developing features to bring Quizzes.Next up to parity with the classic quiz engine.  I believe that the chart found here outlines these features, Quizzes.Next Feature Comparison.  It appears to me that some of your ideas relate to items found in one system and not another while others may be missing from both quiz engine at this time.  Are you familiar with the feature idea process (see How does the feature idea process work in the Canvas Community?)?  You might consider reviewing existing ideas for Quizzes.Next found here, Quizzes.Next User Group and if you don't see one already that describes your suggestion, submitting an idea so that everyone can vote.  How to create an idea is found here, How do I create a new feature idea in the Canvas Community?  

Regarding linking content, you are correct that the content selector doesn't existing in Quizzes.Next.  I'm not sure of the limitations of an LTI tool, but this may be a barrier to developing this feature in Quizzes.Next.  I did a bit of testing in my sandbox, and an option for linking content is to paste the URL of the page/discussion/assignment, etc. from the class into the question text box in Quizzes.Next.  If the student has access to the course where the links originate and the content is open to those students, they should be able to click on the URL and have that content open in a new window.  I tested this with a fake student account and it appears to work.  This isn't as efficient as using the content selector, but it may help in situations where Quizzes.Next is being utilized and there is a need to link to content somewhere else in the course.

I hope this helps and thanks for posting!

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @Kelvin_Dean .  There hasn't been a post to this thread in some time so I am going to go ahead and mark it as "assumed answered".  This doesn't mean that any concerns you outlined have been resolved, and this status could be changed in the future and when marked as assumed answered discussion can still take place in the thread.  As I mentioned in my previous post, the best option for proposing new features is to create a new feature idea (links provided in earlier post).  This allows everyone to vote on and discuss possible features.  I have been encouraged by some of the functionality added to Q.Next the last six months and agree that some of the ideas you posted would be beneficial.  If you do create a feature idea, it would be great if you posted the links here so that anyone reading the thread in the future has an easy way to find and vote for the idea.

Best wishes!