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Audio Recording in New Quizzes


In the New Quizzes, is the option for students to directly record audio/video option available? In the regular quizzes it is an option. However, I do not see this option in New Quizzes, yet. I saw several posts dated from last year and was wondering if the option for New Quizzes has been updated.


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I have this same question still (June 2021). Any updates?

I do not see any option for students to directly record audio at the moment, however there is a file upload question type where you can have students upload files saved on their device's built in voice recorder.  The prompt that students see looks like this:

upload question.PNG

You might want to voice your support for a question type devoted to audio submissions in this idea conversation:

One of the current priorities for new quizzes is transitioning to the new content editor that you can already use in the rest of canvas.

That editor includes a record media option and so that might update existing essay question types enough to meet your needs.  For now, your students would need to upload media there as well.

essay question textbox with upload media highlightedessay question textbox with upload media highlightedaudio upload pop-upaudio upload pop-up




@Steven_S, any idea when the update to the new editor is supposed to come? 

The need to use an external recorder is a HUGE hurdle for our district, and that new editor update would solve many many problems. 

@SraFantasma  I am not certain, but it is on the list of priorities, and new quizzes have been making steady progress on that list of priorities.  Improvements to navigation to new quizzes through modules and to item banks have been released already, and there are discussions underway about the API.  And that is just since the list was made in March!  I'm sure that the RCE, partial credit, and printing can be expected to follow up after that before classic quizzes are removed. 

I was told last week sometime that it's being considered as a new feature of New Quizzes.  I'm surprised it's not there already!



Hi all! I'm Tamas, a product manager for Quizzes. I can confirm that we are currently working on integrating the new RCE (which you can see and use in Classic Quizzes and across Canvas) to New Quizzes, however I don't have a date when it will be available. 

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Thanks for that info @TamasBalogh ! I'm looking forward to it.

Is there any chance that a direct audio/video record feature would be added to the new quizzes in the future? I know this is now available in assignments, but it is also something that would be very useful in quizzes so that students could respond to more than one prompt. I'm a language instructor and this is something we would use!


@christinevoigt We will use the exact same RCE in New Quizzes what is present in other parts of Canvas now. Would that satisfy your needs or do you think something different?

@TamasBalogh - the RCE is what I use now, so it works. However, I have to give students very detailed instructions on how to record/upload responses using insert. If there could someday be a direct question type for students to record audio/video responses to questions, that would be much easier.