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Breadcrumbs for Quizzes.Next

When using Quizzes.Next "I don't think we're in Canvas anymore, Toto". I realise this is because Quizzes.Next is implemented as an LTI, however, the current lack of native look and feel is a concern for me. Now that the quizzing tool is moving out of core I am also worried about the other aspects of native tools that make the Canvas product attractive. Is it designed using API-first principles? Will it be part of Canvas Data? Is it seamlessly integrated into the rest of the product.

One cosmetic enhancement that would help with this perception would be to add a breadcrumb trail above the tool. A small step, but I would feel more like I was in Canvas, not in Oz (although I am in Aus).

Can breadcrumbs be added to Quizzes.Next?

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi, Damian,

In going through questions, I wanted to make sure you received at least one reply to your question! You are correct in that New Quizzes does not display breadcrumbs. I do not know if that will change, but if this is something you're still interested in, I'd recommend creating a formal request in the Ideas‌ space. I took a look and wasn't able to find such an idea that already exists.

Good luck!