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Can I download all student responses in

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In Canvas Quizzes, if you go into the "Quiz Statistics" area, you can view the Quiz summary with question breakdown graphs etc. On the top, you also get options to download (or generate report) for "Student analysis" and for "Item analysis".

I can't seem to locate these in


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We also have some instructors that were grading quizzes using the CSV download of stuents answers (Student Analysis). Some examples for why/how they use it:

  • Use excel formulas to grade for dependencies
  • Give partial credit for incorrect answers (e.g if you select A you get full credit, if you select B you half the points...)
  • Each student get different datasets, so their answers depend on the dataset they are using

So for us, the CSV download of students answers (Students Analysis) is really important and will prevent us for using the New Quiz for some of our quizzes.

Any idea when you might be able to provide this functionality in the New Quiz?

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We are 2.5 years out from the original post for this issue, and the feature is not supported.

I cannot even make a stupid guess as to why the designers would have dropped this feature to begin with.  I can say that, for me, it's a killer issue.  I do not, and will not use the Canvas Gradebook.  It is cumbersome and does not fit my grading schemes.  It's bad enough that I can only download an absurd mess of a csv file in order to get responses and score data.  If I can't even get that, then I'm done with Canvas.

FWIW, I've gone so far as to download the csv to get student responses (all my questions are essay format), then generate individual files for each student from the csv, have TAs mark up those individual files, and then supply them to the students for feedback.  The lack of this feature is totally unacceptable.


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As an institution, we are required to store all ECTS awarded activities in a separate archiving system.

All ECTS awarded questions posed to the students need to be also stored for an indefinite amount of time (historical analysis).

We can process the data to a readable format, but we need a way to access each submission, including the attachments where applicable. We cannot do this manually for thousands of students over hundreds of courses and quizzes. (we already do this for regular Assignments via API)

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I have a teacher reporting the need to be able to download image responses (this is a middle school math teacher - students take pictures showing their work):

"In classic quizzes, I download all the submissions and each image that has been uploaded is automatically named by student. Then I quickly can create a pdf for each and provide feedback.

In New Quizzes, you can’t download all the submissions. Instead, I have to open a blank doc and drag each image submitted into the new document. Way more time consuming for each student and really adds up when you teach 120 students."

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Community Advocate

Has anyone created this as an Idea to Canvas?

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Great! I've up voted it.  Thanks @Steven_S !

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I have been grading all quiz questions for partial credit by hand (for 300 students.)  We need to regrade some answers and it would save me hours if I could download all of the student answers and easily see all at one time the answers to Q15 so I know who I need to regrade. 

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I want the student analysis just like, or even in better form, than the classic quizzes.  I want to conduct different analyses with the data - we do distractor analysis, etc.  I know that the "New Quizzes" have it, but please let me have access to the "raw data".  It hardly is an extra effort on the part of CANVAS to provide it.  When I said better form, the names are not separated by comma and the names are not in alphabetic order in the "student analysis" in the "Classic Quizzes".