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Can I set a submission as a module requirement.

Our beta site for testing isn't playing well with my sandbox today, or I would just test this.

Can anyone confirm that I can create a module requirement for submission of a quiz? (As shown below, but with a quiz instead of a classic.) I assume that I can, but we all know what happens when we assume things. The goal here is to display a completion phrase only after students have taken the quiz.

Thanks in advance!


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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  I just checked in my sandbox course and it seems to work as expected.  Although after entering Quizzes.Next from a module, you need to go back to the Modules tab to return to where you were.  Using the "return" feature in Quizzes.Next takes one back to the Assignment's tab.   

Best wishes!

I did a bit more testing and if you add a Quizzes.Next assessment to a module as a requirement, it seems to work well if the requirement is the student view or submit the assessment, but not "mark as done".  Unless I am missing something, there is no place currently to mark something done in Quizzes.Next, so probably better to not mess with this completion option!

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Thank you, ericwerth‌!

Hi Eric - having a similar problem but we want to make the requirement "score at least 1/1". It doesn't seem to be working... is this because Quizzes.Next does not yet have this feature?

Hi  I just tried this in my sandbox and it appears to work ok.  What I did was 1) create a module, 2) add a few pages/assignments that just require students to "view" the item, 3) create the Q.N assessment with a single question, such as a T/F question asking if students reviewed the syllabus, 4) added this to the module and set the requirement to score 100/100 or 1/1, 5) set the requirements so that students need to complete the items in order, and finally 6) test with a fake student to see if the requirements work.

When I did this I found that students did need to score 100/100 or 1/1 in order to move to the next requirement in the module.  However, because of the LTI nature of Quizzes.Next, there is no "next" or "back" navigation buttons as there is with the other components of Canvas.  After having the system autoscore the assignment 100/100 or 1/1, the student must click "return" at the top of the screen and then go back to the Modules page to access the newly unlocked content.

If you are not experiencing this, maybe it has to do with the type or number of questions that you have in the assessment.  What type of questions are part of the quiz you tested?  Was there anything that required the faculty to enter a grade, such as an essay response?

I hope this helps and am pretty sure we can figure out what is happening.  

All the best!

Hi Eric, the assessment has just 1 multiple choice question in it. No essay response. No other requirements are required apart from "score at least 1/1". Very strange Smiley Sad

We do have other question-types in other assessments but I don't know why this would affect anything.

That's really strange.  I tested with a M/C question just to be sure that it doesn't make a difference and everything seems to work.  You might try contacting Canvas Support and let them know what you are experiencing so they can dig into to the problem a bit more.  If it is functioning well for me but not you, support may be able to pinpoint the issue or bug.  

If you do contact Support, please let me know what you find out!

Hi Eric, phew what a mission. Ok so Tech said this is something to do with Quizzes.Next and we aren't the first to report this issue. They've advised to go back to the old version of Quizzes just to stop all the problems we are having. This is going to be a lengthy process but I think that is what we will do from here. Thanks for trying and all your help!

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello everyone.  I am going through older questions to see if any can be marked answered or assumed answered.  Since this seemed to come to a conclusion and there has not been a posting for while, I am going to mark this as "assumed answered".  This doesn't prevent future discussion in this thread if appropriate.  Thanks!