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Can I stop ungraded quizzes from going in as zeros?

I'm really struggling with the new quiz tool, mainly the auto-grader.

I have a type of quiz that is 4 essay questions, which means that I have to go in and grade them before they get any points. The problem here is that the auto-grader adds the quizzes as zeros immediately when the students complete the quiz. This creates two problems:

1) The students' grades go down until I can complete the grading, and

2) I can't tell the difference between a quiz I gave a zero because it's missing and a quiz that hasn't been graded. This makes me worry that I will miss grading late quizzes or retakes.

Is there any possible way to change this setting so that it stops auto-grading these quizzes?

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I'm having the same issue and it's driving me mad.  I have been scouring Canvas support and community pages and there is not a solution yet.  

IT's a pretty big problem for every teacher I know.  Hopefully Canvas will start making an effort to make this a more user friendly platform for districts, teachers, students and parents.  

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One workaround I've used is to use the hide grades functionality for now even though it's not ideal and then release the grades after you finish grading.  But the bigger issues is #2 as if instructors have larger classes and want to grade a few students at a time there not a way to tell what has been graded/not.

This is definitely high on my list too of functionality that is pretty critical before moving our faculty to New Quizzes more broadly. 

I know it's in the plans at some point - it's often tied together with the feature to add the quizzes to the instructor Todo list as needing graded but I don't yet see a specific date yet mentioned.