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Canvas New Quiz Export Failed

I made a course shell with 200+ New Quizzes in them.  When I exported the shell to a brand new shell...none of the new quizzes export worked.  They're all blank...

Has anyone encountered this problem?  I'm hoping there's a fix because otherwise those 200+ New Quizzes are gone and I don't have the original shell either except for the export package.


Here’s the error message it’ll give for each of the quiz:  

Ajax Error: 404

{"errors":[{"message":"The specified resource does not exist."}]}



  • Is there anyway to retrieve the New Quizzes from the export package?
  • When we export a course shell, does it export any of the New Quizzes along with the questions in side?
  • And when we export a course shell, does it also export the item banks for New Quizzes?
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