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Community Team

Canvas Quiz Migration

Hello all,

I'd like to point you to a new piece of documentation that was added the the User Group yesterday: How do I migrate a Canvas quiz to the Quizzes LTI?

Depending on your institution, you may be able to migrate a quiz from Canvas to be used in the Quizzes LTI. If you are an instructor and cannot view this feature, contact your institution's Canvas Admin. If you are a Canvas Admin and want to determine if this feature can be enable at your institution, contact your Customer Success Manager.

It's also important to note that not all questions will migrate as expected. Some questions will display as other questions types and others will not migrate at all. For more information on this, please view the guide linked above.

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Thanks! This is new. I do want to point out that as of now you can not edit a migrated quiz (quiz moved from legacy using that migrate button). This is also true if you copy a Quiz created in the LTI from one course to another. At this point am recommending that people convert all quiz banks into quizzes and export them. Then load them into the item banks. I foresee several issues, at least in the early stages using the migrate button.

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All this information I'm reading on the issues with quizzes and the new LTI - - when I think of the literally thousands of quizzes our instructors have in Canvas and the problems they will have (and come to ME with)..... I'm getting a headache trying to wrap my head around it all.

Hi  @ejackson ‌,

The future state of migration will enable the seamless movement of the entire assessment from Canvas to Quizzes.Next LTI. We plan to have this resolved with our general availability release (date TBD). And please remember that both tools will live alongside each other for some time.

It has been difficult to see our early adopters and beta users struggle with the limited migration currently available. Saving time and avoiding headaches for everyone involved in building, managing, and using quizzes, is a priority.


Kevin Dougherty

Assoc. Product Manager, Assessments


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I tried to migrate some quizzes today. The images that were part of the questions didn't migrate properly. Is this a known issue? I have decided to just keep using our old quizzes for now as was more for my playing than any needed reason at this point :smileysilly: Love the look of the though. I look forward to the larger roll out when it is ready!

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I tried t migrate a few quizzes a while ago. One quiz was migrated successfully. The others failed. Does anyone know why? 

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I've had some interesting results from the migration process, but it's been mostly successful. Was there anything significant about the one that failed in terms of its content?

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Hi Joshua,

No. Actually two quizzes are almost the same. I simply deleted one question from the quiz and saved it. Other than that. The two quizzes have an same questions. 

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Is there a way to move a migrated quiz back to the original format?

Hello  @jbelliotti .  Just to clarify your question, you migrated a quiz from classic quizzes to Quizzes.Next and would like to migrate it back to classic quizzes or did you create the quiz in Quizzes.Next and would like to move this to classic quizzes for the first time?  A response in this document, , suggests that you can't currently export a quiz from Quizzes.Next, but that this will be considered in future development.  So, if the quiz existed once in the classic quizzing system and you migrated it to Quizzes.Next, you best option appears to be to go back to the original assessment in the older system.  If the quiz was created in Quizzes.Next, these may need to be re-created in the classic system.