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Learner II

Changing the points changes the question.

When I change the point value of a banked quesiton it changes the whole question.


Description of the Bug:

  • I added a question from a bank.

  • Then I wanted to change the points, so I click edit and change them. (without going into the bank)

  • The whole questions changes to a different question from a different bank.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Watch this video (it is a swf file) changedquestion.swf - Box 
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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi 00900405.  Are you still experiencing this problem?  I tried to add a question from a bank to my sample Quizzes.Next assessment and cannot change the point value.  Each time I click on the point value location or the edit question icon, I am taken back to the question bank and still cannot change the point value of the question.  I was testing with an essay question.  I appears in the bank I can change the point value of answers in a MC question.  I thought maybe you had done subsequent testing yourself or contacted support.


Dont go into the question bank, just edit the points.276695_pastedImage_1.png

Thanks 00900405.  I needed to scroll down to see where I can change the point value.  Giving it a try again, I get a couple of different results, both of which must be a bug.  I have handful of question banks.  In a couple of these, if I add questions and then change the point value, like you the point value displayed changes AND the question itself changes as well.  Strange!  In other question banks, however, when I change the point value and save the question, the point value of the question doesn't change and the question doesn't change either.  In these instances if I go back and try to edit the point value again, it shows what I had it set as before but no matter what I change the value to, it never shows this when saved.  Have you experienced both of these issues?

Learner II

I'm having the same problem as Cassidy. The points are not editable for a banked question.

I think, though I don't know for sure, that this is triggered when a banked item has been answered in the assessment by someone (e.g. the test student). If a question is not banked, editing the points works as expected. 

In addition, when I click to edit in the bank I get a warning about editing a copy, which makes no sense (a banked item shouldn't have responses).  I know that Instructure is aware of this bug in the item banks. 

In general, I've found item banking to be very buggy, so I'm steering our beta testers away from this feature until it stabilizes. 

Banked Question Points are not editable in the assessment

Banked question that has been previously answered throws warning

i don't know about Cassidy, but I have also experienced the point change issue you described, Deactivated user‌. 

Interesting  @makraft .  I haven't found an instance yet where the option to change the point value isn't available but it is good to know that this is something others are experiencing as well.


Hello all,

The banked item warning is not related to responses or submissions, its purpose is to direct the user to where the edits should be made. The edits are made in the bank and will cascade out to assessments that directly use the banked item, but not to item copies that have been made. It is possible for a banked item to be associated with responses or submissions. This happens when the banked item has been used in assessments taken by students.

After attempting this today, I was unable to reproduce the concerns mentioned so far.

  • in an assessment, unable to change point value of a banked item
  • in an assessment, changing point value of a banked item does not persist
  • in an assessment, changing point value of a banked item changes the item entirely

It is possible that some recent updates resolved these issues. If problems persist for anyone, please report the item types involved. Ideally please contact Canvas support to provide them with the specific details of the item banks and assessments you are working on.


Kevin Dougherty

Assoc. Product Manager, Assessments


After I tested the process again, and it seems to be fixed. It changes the point value in the quiz, does not switch questions, and does not change the point value in the question bank. Nice!

Surveyor II

I also had this issue when editing an item from a bank.  It is greyed out and not available to change, but in the bank, points are not even an option to edit.