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Classic Quiz vs. New Quiz

I am an instructor.

I made a quiz in New Quizzes - previously I had used Classic Quizzes. When I input a due date for the quiz (unlimited attempts, untimed, use the highest score for the grade) instead of a due date being listed it states "multiple dates" - on the Quizzes tab. On the Assignments tab the due date is listed.

I would like this quiz to be automatically graded by Canvas and added to the Gradebook. I would also like the students to see which questions they got wrong, but not the correct answers. I would like them to take the quiz multiple times so that they learn the correct answers from this process and from referring to their assigned reading. Will this New Quiz perform this way?

Please advise, thank you.

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If you are seeing multiple due dates it is very likely that you created multiple "Assign" boxes. I would check the Quiz to make sure there is just one "Assign" box.

To let students see which questions they got wrong, but not the correct answers, In the Build mode of New Quizzes go to "Settings" turn on "Restrict student result view" and check "Show items and questions" and "Show student response."

If you added question feedback comments to your quiz you can also turn on "Show item feedback" to display that to students on their quiz attempts.