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Classic Quizzes needed to convert incompatible QTI test banks into Item Banks

To Canvas New Quizzes Development Team

There are many publishers that provide QTI formatted test banks that will not import into New Quizzes Item Banks (error Unsupported QTI version).

The workaround is to import the unsupported QTI format (e.g. from McGraw-Hill and Cengage) to Classic Quizzes, export the Classic Quiz as a Canvas QTI file, and then import the Canvas QTI file into a New Quizzes Item bank. 

For example to convert TestGen test banks from McGraw Hill into New Quizzes Item Banks the process is repetitive, time-consuming, and miserable: 

If Classic Quizzes is deprecated, there will still be Publisher test banks with legacy QTI format that cannot be imported into New Quizzes. And instructors are going to need a way to import these test banks. And publishers are really slow in moving towards a newer QTI format.

Please take note of this!



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Running into this now.  taking 1 hour per quiz to convert, 20 hours per course.  If we have to do this for the entire institution?  PLEASE FIX THIS.