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Copying New Quizzes/Item Banks from one course to another course

Good morning!

We have an instructor who has been using New Quizzes/Item Banks for a few years. His course has been copied over a few times, with the New Quizzes and Item Banks copying over without a problem.  However, in our most recent copy, the New Quizzes and Item banks did not copy over.

We were able to import the New Quizzes. Eventually the Item Banks showed up (along with the Item Banks Tab in the course navigation). But, the New Quizzes were not linked to the Item Banks.  Do the Item Banks need to be re-associated with the New Quizzes with a course copy?


Nancy Webb

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I don't know for sure, but I have a hunch that yes, you'll need to re-associate. We had a similar problem with some of my courses recently copying their New Quizzes forward.

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Thank you!