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Differentiating which submission still need teacher review.

I am using the new gradebook.  I am struggling keeping track of which students I have reviewed and finished grading (because they have essay/questions that the teacher must review) versus those which have only had the auto-graded questions reviewed.

In speedgrader the menu of students ALL have checkmarks.  I understand this means the computer/Canvas has graded all of the multiple choice etc.  This is a "new quiz" created through the assignments area. 


In the gradebook view it looks like this:335709_pastedImage_2.png

I can guess by the numbers that those I circled in blue are REALLY done being graded, that I have reviewed them, and those in red still need reviewed by me.  

If this was NOT a quiz, it would show the submission icon in the gradebook until I reviewed and graded it.  AND in the speedgrader they would have circles next to the names until I submitted a score and THEN it would change to a checkmark.

Has anyone found a way to keep track?  I can't always grade all 79 in one sitting and I have missed reviewing some students quizzes by accident resulting in them having their "essay" questions not graded and lower scores.

Looking for suggestions.

Thank you

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That's a very good question,  @sbridge .  I don't see any difference in the gradebook as to whether a new quiz submission needs grading.  The colors you see are standard colors, blue means late.  The icon that shows a submission needs grading is not displayed when it should be.  You can see the colors and icons on this Canvas guide Page: How do I use the icons and colors in the Gradebook? This document says that all submissions including quizzes should display the missing submission icon (A quiz was submitted, but is not fully graded (contains questions that must be manually graded...) but the gradebook is not showing that for new quizzes, perhaps it only refers to regular quizzes. 

I think we should report this as a bug.  It doesn't appear to be on the new quizzes comparison document so maybe they weren't aware of this problem. 

Also in speedgrader options, you can choose to sort by submission status ie items that need grading.  That doesn't seem to work either.


Well I looked further and found the new quizzes FAQ which has the answer.  The new quizzes LTI does not pass back information about whether a submission is fully graded, so there is no way to differentiate quizzes that need grading from those that don't (unless you manually look at each submission in speedgrader or Moderate). 


"LTI supports grade passback but does not provide a way to offer further context about the assessment. Without the ability to provide additional context, Canvas cannot distinguish if the lack of a grade or the passed grade represents the fully graded contents of the quiz."

Nancy, thanks so much for digging into that and finding that information. I can't be the only one finding this difficult to keep track of.

I'm surprised no one else has added ideas...

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Thanks @sbridge for bringing this up. I'm just now diving into New Quizzes and I noticed the same thing: In SpeedGrader, the checkmark appears to the left of the student's name even when manually graded questions haven't been graded yet. It's been over a year since this post and nothing has changed. As @Nancy_Webb_CCSF said, the "why" is in the FAQ: New Quizzes , thanks. But...

  • Will this be changed so that the New Quizzes LTI can pass back info so SpeedGrader knows the quiz has been/has not been all graded?
  • If not, then don't show a checkmark at all since it conveys inaccurate information.

SG checkmark manual grade.jpg