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Do New Quizzes Settings Reset When Copying Courses?

We have quiz settings such as number of attempts and shuffling of questions in a master course. When I copy the entire course into a new term, the quiz settings are reset to the default of 1 attempt and no shuffling.  None of the New Quizzes settings are copying over into the new course.

Is the normal behavior for copying of new quizzes? 

I have Admin level rights on our Canvas installation and I have New Quizzes enabled on both the sub-account for the master courses and the current term courses.

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Hello, @lyra_stephens , according to this, , the issue of quizzes not copying has been taken care of.  If you are having issues, you will need to make a support ticket.  

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@jcarpenter1  thank you for responding!  The link you are referring to references copying using Blueprint courses. I'm just using regular course copy, so I will go ahead a submit a ticket.