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Editing Images in Questions/HTML source on editor

Sometimes - particularly when editing questions after migration - I would need to actually look at the alt tags for images that are embedded in questions on quizzes.  Unfortunately, there is no way to change that.

More generally, there is no way to view/edit the HTML source on questions, which might be a workaround.

Could this be looked into?


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Community Member

Being able to view/edit the HTML source on questions would really be great as it was something I used a great deal in the old quizzes. 

New Member

Agreed!  For e.g., when importing, some questions, checking the path for images is very handy to ensure they've imported correctly/for troubleshooting.  

Also, HTML enables us to customise certain areas that are valuable to extra functionality.  Please include access to HTML in New Quizzes! 👍


Oh, this is a really neat idea! Thanks for raising. 

These are the types of things that we might be able to do without a lot of time investment, so I'll talk to the team.