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FAQ and Importing QTI and IMSCC

The Quizzes.Next FAQ states the following:

Are Quizzes.Next assessments included with Course Import in Canvas?

Common Cartridge and QTI imports allow users to select to import assessment content as Quizzes.Next format. This option is not available for other formats.

I don't see an option to import assessments as Quizzes.Next assessments when I use the Import Course Content > QTI and/or Import Course Content > Common Cartridge ... options.  Is this feature exposed somewhere else or did I miss something obvious.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  These documents describe how I have imported content into Quizzes.Next.  Have you tried either of these approaches?

How do I import an assessment from a QTI package in Quizzes.Next? 

All the best!

Yes, I have.  But I am particularly interested in importing more than one assessment at a time.  The implication in the FAQ statement is that the Course Imports function could accept QTI or IMS CC file and allow users to opt in to converting them to Quizzes.Next format instead of importing as classic Quizzes.  This appears not to be the case, and so I am struggling to understand exactly what the statement in the FAQ means.

Hi  I understand the confusion and while I don't have an firm answer here is what I have found out the last few months from conversations I have had with Canvas Support and personal experience.  Generally there isn't a good way of moving multiple quizzes from the classic quiz engine to Quizzes.Next as of right now.  I have had luck moving question banks from quizzes classic to Quizzes.Next by putting all of the questions in a classic quiz and exporting this, then importing it into a question bank in Quizzes.Next.  I have also had success migrating individual quizzes from the classic engine to Quizzes.Next (although I was informed by Support that it can take a couple of hours for the migrated quiz questions to appear).

I have not had any success migrating multiple quizzes to Quizzes.Next.  In testing yesterday, when I exported multiple classic quizzes from the Settings menu and imported these into Q.Next, I was informed the process was successful but can only find where the first quiz was migrated, and as I have noted in a previous post and filed a ticket with Support, the import process changes the name of any bank that is created to the name of the first quiz that was exported.

In January I communicated with support about trying to import QTI file formatted quizzes and finding that no questions were imported. I will post the response I received below if it is helpful for you or anyone reading this thread.  Perhaps this response indicates that the FAQ process is supposed to exist the way you mentioned in the first post but just isn't functioning properly yet?

"Thank you for contacting Canvas Support. I understand you are seeing a behavior where importing a QTI file into Quizzes.Next causes the Quiz to appear without any questions. I'd be happy to help with this.

Let me see if I can explain what's happening here. First I want to provide a link to the Quizzes.Next Known Issues. If we look at the very first item that appears here we will see the following text "Importing IMS Common Cartridge files with quiz/test content directly into Quizzes.Next is not yet supported." The side effect of this is exactly what we are seeing. As this import process is not fully supported, when importing QTI zip files this will create the quiz without the questions.

This is something we are working on, however, we do not have an ETA just yet. We apologize for this! The workaround we typically provide would be to import the Quiz regularly into the new course then migrate the Quiz to Quizzes.Next within the new course using the steps outlined in the guide How do I migrate a Canvas quiz to Quizzes.Next. This will move the questions into Quizzes.Next. (Ex: Import Quiz A from Course X into Course Y. In Course Y we migrate Quiz A from Quizzes Classic to Quizzes.Next.)"

I hope this helps. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this has caused.

Hi Eric,

Today I discovered that there is a Canvas account-level feature option called "Quizzes.Next Importing".  When this feature is enabled, an additional checkbox appears when importing a QTI file or CC package that allows you to specify that you want to import into Quizzes.Next.  I haven't tested it yet, because QN is not available on Beta and we usually discuss feature options at a weekly meeting before enabling them.  If it works as advertised, it should be possible to convert all quizzes in a course in one fell swoop.  Not sure how it deals with question banks though and that's a big deal.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention I definitely want to see how this works!