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Formula Questions?

Spamming Questions, sorry!

Are formula questions as limited as they appear? In the legacy format there were a bunch of methods I could call and do some advanced math. Do they still exist? I know deg_to_rad throws an error now, so I am a bit worried.


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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  This is a good question.  I haven't used this type of question much so am unsure of the answer.  Have you tried contacting Canvas Support to get their impression of what functionality from the legacy system works in Quizzes.Next?  If this functionality is supposed to exists but doesn't, Support can open a ticket to have it addressed.  If the functionality doesn't exists and it is not a bug, then submitting an idea to have these options added would be a great approach.  

Not using this functionality much I am curious as to what advanced math were you using in the legacy quiz system?

Thanks and please keep us updated as to what you find!


I am really just self-aggrandizing when I say advanced math. Mostly high school geometry, and some algebra 3-4 stuff. I am always looking to push systems like Canvas as far as I can. I know folks like‌ are masters of the workaround, and there are tons of lti tools out there that do what I want, but I really want to see an expansion the math functionality of Canvas, as it is a platform that I dig even with its weaker toolset for my subject matter.