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Grading All Students for One Question Capability in New Quizzes?

I am aware that we will have to change to New Quizzes soon, but I am very concerned about some of the current missing features. Most importantly is the ability to grade short answer questions all at once. I am doing this with Google Forms Quizzes and it is amazingly helpful to speed up grading. I believe this is also possible with Classic Quizzes. Will it be available in New Quizzes when it is the only option?

In addition, it is nearly impossible to find the ability to see student's tests at all. Please add a link to Speedgrader right in the edit window for the test. Having to go to the gradebook and an individual student to get to place you can open Speedgrader is a pain and seems like a hack. You need to make it easier to use non-multiple choice, hand-graded questions. These types of questions are more pedagogically robust and best practice.




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