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The use of a rubric for grading essay questions in a new quiz is currently not very powerful.

I would like to suggest the following design changes for your consideration:

  1. One rubric instance per essay question.
  2. Enter the calculated rubric score into the essay question's score if desired.
  3. Provide a compiled summation of the rubric as a feedback comment if desired by the instructor/grader.
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Community Participant

Our district would also love to see these changes made to the rubric style grading in New Quizzes.

New Member

We would use quizzes a lot more if you could grade each essay question with a separate rubric.  

Community Champion

@trahlfs @RosCarslake 

That is an excellent idea; however, just posting it in the forum will not result in any action.  This idea may already be in the Idea Conversation area - you would have to search there to see if it is present and then upvote it.

If it is not present, then a new idea conversation needs to be started:

The idea conversation page is here

to create a new idea submission use this link