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HTML Editor and Accessibility

Is there a way to access the full HTML editor anywhere in Quizzes.Next? This gap seems like it could pose some especially large challenges for people as they work to ensure their course materials are accessible.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @scain ,

You make a good point.  The question about an HTML editor has come up a few times (see HTML ViewHTML editor would be really useful, and Issues/Quirks/Requests Encountered).   In one of these threads, Kevin with Instructure suggested that this functionality would be built following general availability.  Like you I look forward to this being added!

All the best--- 

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If your intention is to insert other media through iframes, etc., it looks like you can insert embed codes after all with the below workaround:

  1. Click the "insert/edit media" button.
  2. Click embed.
  3. Paste or write your embed code. Make sure you have it just right (size, etc.), as you cannot edit after-the-fact.
  4. Click save.
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Any hints for what the size should be?

Not being able to edit after the fact is a problem.

Hi  @rswengel ,

I agree it's a problem and hope it gets fixed soon!

It's up to you what size you want, based on your specific need. For most media, I like to use width="100%" height="550". The width="100%" will make it responsive and the height="550" seems to take up an appropriate amount of space in most situations. If you're using a stimulus item, it would take up half your screen and your real estate is very valuable, so I'd probably start with width="100%" height="300". You could then adjust the height based on the aspect ratio of your particular item by deleting it and then recreating it.



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Thanks for the help.

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I need to add a piecewise function and that was only done through the HTML code.  Does anyone know how to add that in It's not in the math equation template, so I'm at a loss.

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I do not use many Quizzes.Next quizzes in my courses, but I do assist teachers that do. Every time they have questions, I usually try to troubleshoot or help via the HTML Editor. But here I am, years after it's conception, not able to do so. Very frustrating! I was trying to do some accessibility with a table and couldn't really do so with the RCE. I can't wait for this feature.