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Is HTML view going to be part of the final product.  Many features are not available in the WYSIWYG editor, such as font type, break returns, numbered lists other then 1, 2, 3 (especially I need I, II, III for MC questions), etc.  Also, will WYSIWYG be available for Fill in the Blank questions.  Need the ability to add break returns or paragraphs in a FITB questions.

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Hi  @bgustin ‌,

HTML view for the rich content editor (RCE) will be part of the final product.

Implementing RCE for Fill In The Blank is under consideration but presents significant technical challenges. While we continue to improve and fill out other significant features, the decision for to take on this work if deferred for now.


Kevin Dougherty

Assoc. Product Manager, Assessments


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A follow-up now since you wrote your response,  @kdougherty1 ‌, in January: Have there been interim/incremental releases since Feb. 1, and will those releases happen until the product becomes golden? I'm really missing this feature for a Professional Development project I'm designing. Going to regroup for some kind of workaround.



18 months since and still no RCE. Not just for this question but for many others...

At this time, Gideon, the HTML Editor is only available for the Quiz Instructions edited through the Assignments page.

(The Quiz Instructions field will not appear if you use the +Quiz/Test button. You must use the +Assignment button.)