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HTML editor would be really useful

Frequently, I find that I need to copy and paste HTML from another source into the HTML editor (as opposed to the rich-text editor) in the "classic" quiz engine, or to modify the HTML in this view. However, it appears that Quizzes.Next lacks an HTML editor, which forces me to paste the HTML into the rich-text editor, reformat the text between the tags using the rich-text editor, and then delete the tags -- a very clicky, time-consuming process. It would be so much better if I could, as today, paste/edit the HTML in an HTML editor then just go back to the rich-text editor and see it rendered.

On a separate note, the rich-text editor has no blockquote feature. Working on English and literature courses, I use this frequently in the "classic" quizzes.

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HI  @eric_orton ‌,

The HTML editor functionality is coming and the blockquote feature is under consideration amongst other text editor features.


Kevin Dougherty

Assoc. Product Manager, Assessments


Hi Kevin, Are you able to comment on a timeline or where this fits on the roadmap? This has been one of the major issues for us.

Could you also comment on where you will be able to use the source view? I know some question types in the old quizzing tool did not allow you to use the wysiwyg and html/source view on some answer choice options.

Hi  @jeb5123 ‌,

I am not able to offer a timeline but I can tell you that this is on our roadmap following our general availability release. When this is implemented it will be available in all rich content editors shown when building items/questions. We have discussed limiting it where appropriate but that would be limited if at all. 

It is unfortunate that it is not built yet but it is coming. Generally speaking most things from Canvas Quizzes will be rebuilt in Quizzes.Next. 


Kevin Dougherty

Assoc. Product Manager, Assessments


Adventurer III

Hi  @kdougherty1 ‌,

Is there any update on when we might see the HTML feature in We have a content developer in our district who has created PARCC style testing for our elementary courses and needs quizzes that have 2 reading passages attached to the same question. In the old quiz interface, she's able to do that by creating tabs through the HTML but doesn't have that ability in


The blockquote function is very useful, especially when embedding a Tweet that requires us to set the due date to June 26, 2021, as shown below.

June 26, 2021

Learner II

Unless I'm missing something (possible after the last couple weeks). HTML editor still isn't a function of New Quizzes correct? Or is it hidden somewhere that I'm not seeing?

There is no HTML editor in New Quizzes yet (there is no </> button).

No HTML editor

Hi Kevin, how do you use blockquote function?

Nope still not a feature years later.  There is an idea for it though.  New Quizzes - RCE to match Canvas