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Has new quizzes development ceased?

This question is asked directly out of respect to the community and to Instructure, has development of new quizzes ceased?

There has been little to no development for months. The August release notes show nothing is slated - again

There are teachers discussing whether to migrate to new quizzes and it is overwhelmingly coming back negative. They don't want to put time and energy into something that isn't being developed.

This is a difficult question but something Instructure really needs to answer. Something isn't right. It's been months and months without changes and fixes to reported and verified bugs (navigation on iPad that was reported 6 months ago). 

The company needs to clarify, instead of pushing back enforcement dates to July 2021 without communicating what the heck is happening. 

Those of us using item banks are stuck. We cannot export. Copying item banks is not possible. Questions can only be moved or copied one at a time. Requests in this community are basically ignored. 

There should be greater clarity by the company. Develop or not - but be honest and stop hiding.

I'm a fan of what exists and see great possibilities but development hasn't inched anywhere closer to goals. If developers quit then let us know. If something is stuck in development then let us know. New quizzes was a huge undertaking but Instructure appears to be giving us the run around. 

Again, this question is out of respect. It would be appreciated if people don't pile on but please - Instructure - PLEASE tell us what the heck is going on. Are you developing new quizzes or not?

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We need to know these answers too!

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I am also beginning to wonder if this is the case. New quizzes has some great options for types of questions but there seems to be no progress/developments being made.

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Yes, those of us using linked testbanks will need to have more time to migrate them. I understand they "may" be adjusting the timeline. The original timeline was unrealistic for us, so I am darned if I do, and darned if I don't get started on the migration. This is majorly stressing me out. We need a decision made as quickly as possible. 

Community Champion

Several improvements for New Quizzes are in the Canvas Deploy Notes (2020-09-09). And there's a timeline laid out for a few development milestones in New Quizzes Beta Users Group .

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Sorry. But these are just tinkering around the edges of classic quizzes without any serious development on new quizzes. Worse, the roadmap you link to is vague, without any specifics as to fixing dozens of major issues.

The roadmap below (through Dec 2020) shows there are no plans for new quizzes. Something is seriously wrong. I’ve had to agree with the teachers who are sticking with classic quizzes because at least an export exists. In contrast, I’m stuck and it’s a horrible feeling. 

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I would really like to see the development milestones for feature parity with settings for displaying quiz results. There are many feature ideas in the community now that are floating around. I will be very sad if we migrate to New Quizzes next summer and none of these things are implemented. 

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Agreed. One of our big issues is that quizzes are tied to individual users in New Quizzes. That doesn't work for HiEd institutions with large online enrollments and almost 1k Master Course shells. I can't get anyone to answer my question about quizzes in New Quizzes living within a course (not tied to a user). If it stays tied to a user, we can't migrate. 

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Now more than ever, educators need some of the features new quizzes will supposedly deliver.  With all of my students taking their quiz online in their homes it would be beneficial to be able to check a box and randomize the questions already in the quiz.  For this to MAYBE work, I have to watch videos, read through the forum posts, get in touch with my ed tech department (who are already overwhelmed) and then jump through various hoops involving question groups, question banks, export, import ... I don't have TIME to do that.  We are PAYING for Canvas.  Other LMS's have this feature, why NOT CANVAS?

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When you pull items from the item bank, click into the block and you'll see the option to randomly pull questions from the item banks.

In settings, you can turn on the shuffle to shuffle the questions, too.