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Hot spot / matching question?

I am curious if there is talk of a hot spot / matching combo question type. For example, if I show a diagram of an animal then they could use one icon to identify one structure and another icon to identify a different structure. Right now I am getting by with creating many hot spot questions, but this feature might be useful. Thanks!

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  This is an interesting idea.  I can certainly see how this could be beneficial in situations where someone would like to ask multiple questions about the same image.  

I haven't heard anything about having a multiple hot spot question.  Most of the discussion about new features in Quizzes.Next relates to adding functionality to bring it up to parity with the classic quiz engine. Are you familiar with the feature idea process (see How does the feature idea process work in the Canvas Community?)? I reviewed the existing ideas for Quizzes.Next found here, Quizzes.Next User Group , and don't see one already that describes your suggestion.  You might consider submitting an idea so that everyone can vote!  How to create an idea is found here, 

All the best!

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  I have been looking through older questions and was wondering if you had created a feature idea for this functionality.  If so I was going to vote it up.  All the best!

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  There hasn't been a post to this thread for some time so I am going to go ahead and mark this as "assumed answered".  This doesn't prevent further discussion here is appropriate.  If at some point you do create a feature idea for this functionality, it would be great if you were to post a link to the idea here.  This way anyone reading your post in the future can easily find the feature idea.

All the best!


In the cases we would be using the hotspot question type, multiple hotspots is definitely a need.  Typically it would be used for identification, geography, labelling, etc.  So until there are multiple hotspots it's not a very useful concept in most of our use cases.  I try to avoid repeating images and having multiple questions refer to the same thing, it much more efficient to have multiple hotspots if that were possible.

Here's the idea for voting -



I feel like this has been 'a suggestion under review' for much too long. 

For two years we have all been waiting on this feature. Please help Canvas! Arrrgggg.....