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Importing: Can not import multple banks

Importing .zip files from Canvas Proper does not work if the imported quiz was using their own question banks.  This prevents multiple banks from being imported at once.

Many of our instructors use large amounts of question banks per exam.  The current importing limitation will make the initial switch to Quizzes.Next

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We have found this to be an issue as well. The one good thing is that when you import the individual bank in the new quizzes item bank it will take the name of the export file or test that you exported. So you don't have to rename them as you import them. 
We were also worried about how the testbanks are tied to the person that uploads them. This makes it hard for our instructional design team to assist. But we recently discovered that we can share the testbank with the person after we have created them, and then remove ourselves from that testbank. It is as if that person uploaded the testbank.

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