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Inability to edit an item bank someone else created: bug or feature?

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Will the ability to edit an item bank someone else creates eventually become available? Or is it a permanent feature that item banks are tied to a person? I have actually lost sleep over this. 

Use case: I'm one of 4 IDs on my team. We share courses. If I create a course with a test that has random questions (necessitating the use of the item banks), then no one else can edit those questions. So if an instructor contacts us because s/he found a wrong answer on the final exam for a test that was created 3 years ago, unless we know who created that exam, neither we nor the instructor could edit the exam. 

Or, if there's nothing wrong with the exam, but the assessment changes and additional questions need to be added to the exam, some sections might have been created by one person and other sections by another person. Chaos! 

I'm new to Canvas, so it's possible I'm misunderstanding item banks, but my coworker and I experimented on Monday and she couldn't access my questions. Is there some sort of permission setting we can get administration to grant us that would allow us to edit someone else's item banks?

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We have stopped using Q.N for the time because of this issue and because you can't edit what the student sees after the take the quiz. If I remember right, the student automatically sees what they got right and wrong immediately after taking the quiz? Anyway, whatever the actual display is, we decided it was unacceptable from an academic integrity standpoint to use Q.N. Hopefully they'll adjust these features in the future.


Hello  @rinehart_veroni .  I look forward to a time where question banks can be shared and edited by others as well and am encouraged by Kevin's response above.

Regarding question banks, there is currently no way to bulk migrate these from classic quizzes to Quizzes.Next, but there is a way to move all of the questions from a bank in the older system to Quizzes.Next.  It takes  few steps but is much better than recreating the questions.  I describe the process in a response in the thread to this question,  

I hope this helps and best wishes!

Hi  @venitk .  You are correct that until recently students were able to see which questions they marked correctly or incorrectly after submitting a Quizzes.Next assessment.  This changed in early October (see for more details).  All of the various release options haven't been developed in Quizzes.Next yet, but being able to hide responses from students is a big step in the right direction.

Best wishes!

Will there be an option to migrate OUT from QuizzesNext back to oldschool quizzes? We put over 60 quizzes into QuizzesNext and it sucks that we have to lose all that work because there is as yet no way to export them out.

Veronica, I have run into the same issue.  Academic integrity is a huge concern in most institutions.  My teachers will not use QN even for practice activities until these major issues are solved.

Honestly, QN was rolled out to everyone much too soon.  Functionally, it is still in BETA.  I have no doubt that it will be something fantastic, but it's not there yet.

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Oh, thanks Eric. Somehow I missed that item in the release notes. That's definitely a step in the right direction. 

So it's been two years since you said this and a colleague and I still cannot edit each other's content. Is there some convoluted backdoor way you came up with to do it or have you not done anything about it yet?