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Institutional IP Address Filter

Right now in our developer instance of Canvas I am able to select an institutionally defined IP Address range as a security filter on a normal quiz, but the Quizzes.Next quiz does not currently allow access to the institutionally defined ranges. Is this already a known issue? I wasn't sure where exactly the best place to report it would be since it's not exactly a bug, but it's also not a new idea. This is going to be an important feature at our institution and many others who use Canvas in a local testing center environment.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello  You make a good point!  Right now you posted this to the correct location as opposed to reporting it as a bug.  I know that the folks developing Quizzes.Next monitor the group and will see this discussion.  I agree about the importance of this feature.



Thank you for sharing this concern. I think this was not previously acknowledged as a point of consideration for parity and is something that the shift to becoming an LTI tool has made more difficult to overcome. This post has helped start the process of exploring a good solution. This will need to go through the same process as other functionality, so I won't have an update for some time, but this post has gotten my attention.


Kevin Dougherty

Assoc. Product Manager, Assessments


I am purposefully cross-replying to this. Has any action be taken on this, the ability for a Canvas admin to create allowed IP addresses ahead-of-time in "New Quizzes"/Quizzes.Next?

Community Team
Community Team

Hi, all,

Just updating this thread, IP addresses can be set in a New Quiz according to the lesson here: How do I manage settings for an assessment in New Quizzes?  

Hope that helps,


You can set it, but this isn't quite what I'm looking for. In old quizzes we have the ability to define an IP range for the institution and then instructors can just select that pre-set bunch of IP ranges for a testing center. I think we're still waiting for this.