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Is exporting from New Quizzes on the horizon?

Will there be functionality to export item banks from New Quizzes? I want to be able to share, but retain a safe back up on my desktop as a .QTI file. Currently, if I share an item bank, I give away the same permissions as I have to edit delete, etc... Too risky.

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Wow.  I didn't know that was a condition of sharing a question bank.  Frankly, it's absurd. The programming to force someone to make a copy if they wanted to receive a "share" should be fairly simple.

Learner II

Is exporting from the item banks considered to be feature parity with classic quizzes? I ask because it’s easy to export a single classic quiz (export >> radio button for quiz) but not a test bank and therefore will we be able to directly export or do we make a new quiz based on all the questions in the bank and export that quiz?

Surveyor II

Any word on this? I teach at two different institutions, so a quick export/import of a question bank (without having to add every question into the quiz, and put them back into a new bank on the other side), would save me hours of time.

Hey, Rebekah,

I just noticed you submitted a feature idea to our ideas space— 

Thanks for that! The ideas space is where our product team has been keeping track of feature ideas, so having your idea there will help them out as they continue to focus on building the roadmap.



Community Team
Community Team

As another update, item banks can be shared in New Quizzes, if you are also looking for that functionality: 




Actually no, I don't think we are looking for a way to share an item bank, but simply to export/import a New Quiz the same way this is possible with the classic quizzes. A simple copy of the original quiz which can freely be modified without affecting the original quiz.

I have instructors who don't want to share the item bank, but wish to be able to import the item bank into their course. The sharing feature, which leaves open the door for a bank to being deleted by any user, is not what they want.

@AbbieMia  I have been able to use item banks in quizzes and have the quizzes copied to the courses of other faculty through the course copy function.  It did not occur to me that they might then have the ability to delete my item banks.  I would not expect it to work that way.  The bank does not show any evidence I can detect that it has been shared, or if shared, how many other faculty might have access to change it. 

For banks that are shared, I would hope the "+share" link would have next to it a list of existing shares, and further that one shared user attempting to delete the bank would only remove themselves as a user of that bank.  If this is not the case, I hope canvas makes it the case quickly!