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Is the Timeline Still Accurate?

With everything that's happening --schools going remote, some having to close, etc-- is the timeline for the Deprecation of Classic Quizzes (February 2021) and the No Student Submission in Classic Quizzes (July 2021) still correct?

Or will the timeline be pushed out some to allow us, once things settle (I was going to say get back to normal, but who knows when that will be), to actually have time to work up plans how to go forward with promoting this change to our faculty? Especially with some schools having to actually do the cut over in late April or May 2021 as July is the middle of Summer terms.

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi, cms_hickss, the short answer is: it's too soon to say.

It would be prudent, for now, for organizations to proceed on the assumption that we are still adhering to the stated timeline. That said, it is too early to say yet what our overall strategy will be going forward. We are adapting and evolving to the current situation as quickly as you are, so while we don't have the answer yet either, we will let you know as soon as we do.