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Is there a plan to allow a Quizzes.Next assessment to be the initial assessment for Mastery Paths?

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Unless I am missing something, I am not seeing the ability to set up a quiz as the initial assessment in a Mastery Path.  It can be added as conditional content, but does not appear to currently be possible as the initial assessment that decides which path a student follows.  If this is possible, please share if you know how.  If it is not possible, will the ability be available in the future?

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A workaround is to create a clean assignment and manually setting the external tool for Quizzes.Next.

  1. Go to the Assignments page on the left side.
  2. Do not click the +Quiz/Test button. Instead, click on the +Assignment button.
    (This is because the Mastery Paths tab will not appear if you click on the +Quiz/Test button.)
  3. Create your assignment as you usually would, giving it some information like a name, instructions, points, and dates.
    For the instructions, you may want to put in some info like the expected # of questions, points possible, time limit, # of attempts, etc.
    Note: The instructions you put here will be shown when the assessment is launched if you choose to open the external tool in a new tab. This is different than the instructions you put in the Quizzes.Next Build page.
    Mastery Paths in Quizzes.Next
    Main screen for editing an assignment
  4. Under Submission Type, select External Tool. Quizzes.Next assignments will use the Quizzes 2 LTI.
    Select Submission Type
  5. Click Find.
    Find External Tool
  6. Find Quizzes 2 in the list. (Quizzes 2 is the official LTI name for Quizzes.Next assessments.) You may be taken to a separate screen for further configuration.

    If you want the assignment to load in a new tab, click the Load in a new tab checkbox. (We recommend this so that the students won't accidentally start the test when the Begin button is pressed.)
    Click the Select button.

  7. Click on the Mastery Paths tab at the top.
    Mastery Paths tab
  8. Follow the instructions in this document to add the conditional items.
    Warning: Files, External URLs, and External Tool module items cannot be used as conditional items in Mastery Paths. For example, you cannot put another Quizzes.Next assessment as a conditional item.
  9. When you're done making the changes, click Save. If the Quizzes.Next Build page appears, the operation is successful. If you see the message "Couldn't find valid settings for this link," check that you have selected the correct external tool and try again.
  10. If you want to make changes to the Mastery Paths items, you will have to edit the assessment from the Assignments page.

309201_Screen Shot 2019-04-02 at 11.11.53 PM.png

Great work around  @Kelvin_Dean ‌! 

When I was fiddling with Quizzes.Next today (which has been awhile since I have been using to create quizzes) I did notice that the Mastery Paths tab is available.  Further exploration found that there is no need for a work around any longer and a Quizzes.Next quiz can be used for the initial Mastery Paths assessment.  Thanks for making this happen Instructure!

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Indeed it is! I second that - Great stuff...


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This is GREAT news!

Have you actually gotten this to work,  @ryan_corris ? I was able to set up Mastery Paths for a Quizzes.Next / New Quizzes "quiz", but it didn't actually work properly. When students took the assessment, it unlocked ALL the content instead of just the specific conditional items I had designated. Students were very confused to see 3 slightly different versions of the same assignment. In addition, when I used a regular Quizzes quiz as the Mastery Paths source for a different module, the Quizzes.Next / New Quizzes "quiz" that I used as one of the conditional items showed up for all students, not just the ones who got the appropriate score. So, I'm curious to see if other people have actually gotten Quizzes.Next to play nice with Mastery Paths. TIA!
 @GideonWilliams   @sdavick 

Hey adriennefan.arroyo‌!  Yes, I have gotten this to work.  To make sure, I just created a Quizzes.New quiz as my initial Mastery Path assessment.  I then added a low, mid, and high level of each of the following: page, assignment, old quiz, and new quiz.  I added each to the proper Mastery Path.  Therefore, I had four items for conditional release on each path.  I then took the initial MP assessment with a sample student.  Each time that the initial MP assessment was taken the correct content was conditionally released.  (I had the initial assessment set up to be able to be taken unlimited times. Each time I took the assessment and went back to the modules page, I did need to refresh the page for items to show correctly, but all of the correct conditional content was released.)

Are you assigning your conditional content to Mastery Paths

Yes, I was assigning my conditional content to Mastery Paths. I was accessing Mastery Paths through the Assignments page (three-dot menu). BUT, I didn't have time to troubleshoot too much at the time. The weirdness had already caused a lot of confusion in students. Since I noticed that my Mastery Paths set up with regular quizzes were working fine, I reverted to that approach and I have not had time to go back and tinker with it to confirm. I will hopefully try again soon. When I do, I will attempt the set-up you describe above and see how it goes. Thanks for your help!

No problem adriennefan.arroyo‌.  Let me know how things work out.