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Issues/Quirks/Requests Encountered

Note to Moderators

I do apologize for all the moderation requests my editing this causes. I don't know what triggers the requests, but I guess I did it so that it's requested everytime I make a change. :S


Alrighty, so here's a little discussion I figured I'd start for identifying all the issues/quirks I've encountered (thus far). If others want to contribute to the list, I'd be happy to update it to reflect anything reported, but I figured a single location would be better than having a bunch of posted throughout the group (at least while it's still in Beta).

Now, please be aware that I am pursuing this testing as systematically as possible. Anything listed here will have been tested by me prior to its addition to the list.



  • BUG? (10/11 @ 5:39 PM EST) Rich Text Editor has no working shortcuts command despite the title of the RTE IFRAME title stating, "Press ALT+F8 for help," which is normally the shortcuts list
  • QUIRK? (10/11 @ 5:39 PM EST) Rich Text Editor lacks HTML Editor option
  • BUG? (10/11 @ 5:39 PM EST) Quiz builder gets noticeably laggy the longer the quiz gets
  • BUG (10/12 @ 3:50 PM EST) Resetting "Student View" is not clearing attempt from the quiz, resulting in a quiz being marked as in progress
  • BUG (10/12 @ 4:53 PM EST) Quizzes copied to another course lose all their content. This applies to importing a just the assignment and copying the course.
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: This is identical to the issue previously found with the SCORM LTI which made use of SCORM in Canvas highly infeasible.


  • BUG (10/12 @ 8:46 AM EST) QTI Importing confirmed to work on current Canvas quiz importing produces the following error in the LTI:
    The qti import failed.
    ERROR: ERROR: Undefined namespace prefix: //xmlns:resources/xmlns:resource[@type='imsqti_test_xmlv2p1']/@href at line:/var/lib/gems/2.3.0/gems/nokogiri-1.8.1/lib/nokogiri/xml/searchable.rb:198:in `evaluate`‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍
    Test import file consisted of one True or False and one Multiple Choice question. The QTI archive used to test the basic importing functionality is attached to this post and was generated with ExamView 6.2.1 exporting to Blackboard 7.1+.


  • BUG? (10/12 @ 12:18 PM EST) When accessing the "Manage Item Banks" view the triple dot dropdown menu at the top-right of the quiz builder, there is no means by which to return to the quiz builder and/or Canvas
  • BUG/QUIRK? (10/12 @ 12:18 PM EST) Banks seem to be shared by user, not course/institution.
    • Personally, I'd've expected them to be shared by course, allowing different teachers to be able to pull questions from the same banks. Sharing across an institution doesn't seem needed, though, since a math course would have need for an english question bank.
    • Users are unable to edit a question in a quiz that is linked from a bank created by another user. Instead they get the following warning:
      Banked Item. You are not authorized to edit this item.‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍
  • BUG (10/12 @ 2:30 PM EST) When editing a bank link in a quiz, the editor remains open after clicking "Done", disabling the "Done" button, and making additional changes does not re-enable the button. In this state, you must click outside of the question area to get it to reset to the read-only view. At which point, it will save whatever settings you had when you clicked outside of the question area, even if you only changed them to try to get the "Done" button re-enabled.
  • BUG (10/12 @ 2:30 PM EST) When editing a bank link in a quiz, the "Cancel" button does nothing.
  • BUG/QUIRK? (10/16 @ 11:45 AM EST) When adding a question from a bank and linking a bank, it is possible that the question added from the bank will be loaded twice due to being pulled from the random link.

Question Types

  • File Upload

    • QUIRK (10/11 @ 5:39 PM EST) Seems the file type separators MUST include the periods
  • Fill in the Blank

    • BUG? (10/11 @ 5:39 PM EST) Rich Text Editor is not supported?
    • QUIRK (10/16 @ 11:42 AM EST) Using "Regular Expression Match" formatting is strictly the acceptable matching and it appears to support advanced functionality (such as lookaheads). Basically, you can declare your regex, but not the flags.
  • Formula

    • BUG? (10/12 @ 8:46 AM EST) There is no option present to add these to a question bank from a quiz, but they can be added directly to a question bank
  • Stimulus

    • BUG? (10/12 @ 12:18 PM EST) Since this is the only question type where it's possible, it may be a bug that its title can be edited after it has been added to a bank, but only from editing within the bank. No other question type offers the ability to edit the title of a question from within a bank.


  • BUG? (10/16 @ 10:36 AM EST) It seems that available "Outcomes" are limited and sporadic. Some that are available lack their full structure while others are simply missing.


  • (10/12 @ 3:50 PM EST) Shuffling controls for question groups (Stimulus): I like that the questions attached to a "Stimulus" entry are not shuffled (excellent for multiple questions that build on eachother), but more often than not I would imagine shuffling of these questions would still be preferred. For example, multiple questions relying on the same figure don't need to be in the same order, so long as they are present.
  • (10/12 @ 3:50 PM EST) Question count controlls for question groups (Stimulus): The bank linking allows for the load of random x questions from a bank. This would be nice to see for "Stimulus" groups, too. For example, there may be a group of 20 questions with identical instructions for different content (I'm thinking like a langauge course), but you don't really want that many to be loaded at any given time.
  • (10/12 @ 3:50 PM EST) Preview: Simply previewing the completed quiz without any link to an actual attempt would be great.
  • (10/12 @ 3:50 PM EST) Additional Moderation Controls: The ability to delete quiz attempts would be great for fixing little accidental attempts where a user accesses the quiz before having been given edit rights, resulting in the quiz marking it as having been attempted.
  • (10/12 @ 4:53 PM EST) The ability to export quizzes to a standard format would be nice.
  • (10/12 @ 6:19 PM EST) Deleting banks would be nice.
  • (10/12 @ 6:19 PM EST) Being able to bulk move/copy/import questions to a bank would be amazing. First bank I made had me adding each individual question from a quiz into the bank, which is quite time-consuming when considering the various different effects that throw off content positioning in the editor as you go to do something.
  • (10/16 @ 10:36 AM EST) The ability to manage Outcomes from within the Quizzes.Next interface would be nice.
  • (10/16 @ 11:50 AM EST) I know it's unlikely that an legitmate quiz/test would be built where some students could get a manual graded question (i.e., essay) while others wouldn't, but it is a possibility. With that in mind, some sort of tick or indicator on the "Moderate" page to identify attempts requiring manual grading would be awesome.
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Community Champion

I do apologize for all the moderation requests my editing this causes.

Thanks for thinking of us but no need to apologize. We appreciate all that you do for the community! I'll be looking forward to future edits! Smiley Happy

Community Champion

I know I don't need to apologize for it, but I still felt the "need" to do so. Seemed like my constant updating of it might be causing moderators to have to spend more time approving it than needed. stefaniesanders explained to me that it was my excessive use of formatting that was the cause for it, but what can I say? I like pretty. xD

Anyways, I believe I've finished my picking apart of the LTI, for now. Smiley Wink

cesbrandt‌, "excessive" was not meant to be a value judgment, believe me! I like "pretty" too, and I think you achieved it.

Community Champion

I know, and my note was all in good fun. I know I put a bit more effort into those tags than was needed, but now I have them premade for future use (just need to remember where I put them)! :smileygrin:

Community Member

Hello everybody,

I think I can support most of the suggestions given by Christopher.

Here are a few more from my part:

- Apart from bulk copying or moving questions, copying a question within the same question bank would already be a big improvement. This is with the purpose of modifying the copy afterwards, to make a new question out of it. Since a lot of questions are variations on a theme, this is something I do a lot. But for now I have to copy to another question bank, go to that target bank, copy the question back into the original bank, and then go there to edit the question. These are quite a lot of actions for making a simple copy...

- Within formula questions, I really miss the option to manually define a discrete series of input values, instead of a range with an upper and lower limit.

Example: the possibility to define a series like 10,12, 15,18, 22 (but not the values in between these), possible values for an input parameter in a question.

This would help to make some questions more "real world" and credible. The above series is an example from my domain (electricity): these are currently available resistor values, instead of just any random value that would appear to be very artificial in this case. You would also define cross sections of conductors in the standardized series of 1, 1.5, 2.5, 4 , 6 , 10mm2 and so on. A 3mm2 or 5mm2 conductor is an artificial,  weird value that you would like to avoid, so it makes no sense here to simply say "lower limit is 1, upper limit is 10".

Maybe this could be very easy to implement, if  an instructor would be allowed to:

  •   define several input value ranges, instead of just one. Where appropriate, upper and lower limits could be set to the same value, to produce a series of single values.
  • delete unwanted values from a range, while keeping the others.

- When editing questions, some input fields are displayed rather short, so you can't read the whole text in it.

- Also when editing questions, it would be more practical if we could edit all fields of a question at once (like all answer options, and also all feedback texts). At this time, one has to click very often on the edit pencil within the same question. ....

Best regards, Marc

Community Participant

I have tried to find these bugs listed by other people, but am not seeing them, so I guess this is as good a place as any to add them.

Occassionally (twice in the last two days) when I edit in Chrome, I get a page that looks like this:

259701_Edit Quiz Bug.png

In the Stimulus question type, it is not allowing me to embed a picture or text. It is not allowing me to save it at all. When editing the "Discard" label suggests that it will be deleted, but it is basically a cancel button.
259702_Stimulus Not Saving.png

In the Settings, I clicked on the button for  multiple attempts, but the state didn't change. I saved my changes and when I returned to the settings then it showed the multiple attempts option selected and allowed me to adjust the number of attempts and other settings for multiple attempts.

In the "Moderate," I tried to give a student additional time (1.5 time, which is a very typical accommodation) and it didn't save the settings. quizzes.nextbug

Community Champion

I haven't recently had a chance to test in the system, but I can tell you the first issue you've noted is a matter of the CSS file(s) not being loaded when the page is rendered. We see this with our actual Canvas instance quite a bit. I'm afraid there's nothing that can really be done to fix it though. The resources are there, it's just that something hiccuped and prevented them all from loading.

Community Participant

Quirk: I am able to give questions specific point values but then either the student earns all the points or none of the points. With a multiple answers or a sorting question it would be great to be able to assignment points per correctly sorted or selected item. 

Bug: when I allow multiple attempts students are able to see the correct answers between attempts. I would like an option where students can see what questions were correct and which were incorrect but not the actual correct answer. With the current system they can just write down the correct answers and memorize them. 

Community Participant

Bug - I am unable to change the due date on a quiz once it has been saved.