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Item Bank Sharing: Anyone else see this notice?


It’s very important in K-12 to share. No teacher is an island. Not being able to share item banks has been a huge holdup. However, a colleague sent this image.


The third bullet point is interesting. Is sharing now possible in QN item banks and I’ve missed it or is this something happening soon?

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I believe this is when you add a test bank at the account level. It is shared with all other users that use the same account and have the right permissions. If you put a test bank at the account level, it can be accessed from all courses under that account.

Hi  @dnimri ‌,

The image is in regards to deleting an item bank in Quizzes.Next. As far as I know, these item banks cannot be shared but is a feature request. You are using the term “test bank: whereas Classic Quizzes are Question Banks and QN is Item Banks

Could you clarify what you mean?

Hi lph‌,

Sorry for the confusion. I am talking about Question Banks in Classic Quizzes. Questions Banks can be added at the account level and shared across more than one course in Canvas.


Yes. Classic quizzes question banks can easily be shared.  @kdougherty1 ‌ posted a year ago (in a list) that item banks in QN would eventually be shareable. They currently aren’t and I was hoping this message suggested I missed a setting. 

Community Team
Community Team

Hi, all,

Just to close up this thread, this lesson shows how to share an item bank: