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Known Issues: New Quizzes

Known Issues: New Quizzes

Outcomes are not showing in New Quizzes



When attempting to add an Outcome to the assessment or a question, no Outcomes are available.


Outcomes from Canvas may take up to 48 hours before newly-created outcomes can be available.

If Outcomes have not been configured for your course, please contact your Canvas administrator for assistance.


New Quizzes in Blueprint courses do not update in associated courses



New Quizzes assessments are initially copied but later changes to New Quizzes assessments are not included in subsequent sync attempts.


In the Blueprint course, copy the assessment and make desired changes to the copy. See How do I duplicate an assignment? 

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I agree, I know our instructors would miss grading some questions unless they saw this same type of symbol.

ORIGINAL POST: July 23, 2018 - Hi. I see that "Course Copy fails to copy all Quizzes.Next quizzes" is marked as resolved here, but it appears as though the issue still exists. I just tested this on a course with multiple Quizzes.Next quizzes and none of the quizzes were copied over successfully. They all end up with the message seen below.

Course Copy of Quizzes.Next quiz failed.

Course Copy of Quizzes.Next quiz failed.

UPDATE: August 2, 2018 - Under the same conditions that originally produced the above error, the Quizzes.Next assignments now copy over successfully. I'm not sure what contributed to the multiple failures when testing this last week as I can no longer replicate the problem. 


Please file a support request for this issue so that it is properly tracked and resolved.

I am very disappointed that Quizzes Next has been officially released with so many known issues.  Several of the issues make the use of Quizzes Next so cumbersome that I cannot yet recommend that our teachers use it.

Thank you for mentioning this Kevin. I just submitted a ticket to support.  

It seems ridiculous to me that these issues were known, teachers have voiced concern, voted on fixes, and yet the BETA was released without addressing so many of our concerns. Why can't we get a timeline for these fixes? Why was the BETA released before it matched the functionality of the original programming? 

We were told that the release would have all the functionality of the original and that is simply not the case. Is it going to be another year before these issues are resolved?

I gave a quiz today using Quizzes Next, hoping to see the issues that we experienced last year resolved. Nothing has changed. Matching questions are still graded all or nothing, there is still no option to hide answers after students complete a test, the list goes on and on. I love the drag and drop categorizing feature that the original programming does not have, but again, the questions are graded all or nothing. I don't have the time to grade every test individually. If I did, I would be giving a paper test. I will not be using Quizzes Next until these issues have been addressed. Please resolve these issues and send out a formal list of what has been done.

This might be a dumb question, but if New Quizzes can't be shared to the Commons, why do we have the option to try to share it to the Commons? Can that option be removed for New Quizzes until it is resolved? Or the error message updated to say "New Quizzes are not supported in Commons"?

New quizzes does not allow assigning point value of essay questions from within a question bank.  When creating an essay question in a new quiz, one can assign point value of the question.  When creating an essay question within a question bank, or when editing an essay question that has been added to a question bank, there is no dialog for changing question point value.  Please fix this bug.

The point value of all questions in question banks is assigned at the time you insert it into a quiz.  This means you can use the question in more than one quiz, course, or semester and edit the points as needed for each separately.

Is there a timetable for fixing the outcomes issue?

BUG: New Quizzes doesn't give a warning message if backtracking is disabled and student submits blank answer

BACKGROUND: In Classic Quizzes, if backtracking is disabled, students will receive a warning if they try to submit a blank answer to a question.

PROBLEM: In New Quizzes, when backtracking is disabled, students do not receive any warning when they try to submit a blank answer. This has resulted in many of my students accidentally submitting blank answers and subsequently missing points. This has often occurred in situations when Lockdown Browser is lagging.

SOLUTION: Display a warning message if student tries to submit a blank answer on "New Quizzes" exams in which backtracking is disabled and then require that the student actively confirms they want to submit a blank answer.

My district is new to Canvas and it was recommended that we use the New Quiz function since the original will be going away. I have 2 big issues with this format (yes - I also used the original quiz).

1. The matching questions are all or none or partial credit that is random so I had to make multiple questions (so cumbersome)

2. If I had added the question to the question bank, I couldn't change the points after I added it (again cumbersome - I had to make a copy of the question to fix it)

3. To change the name, date, points, etc. you have to go to the quiz in the quizzes tab. Why is it so different from all other assignment types?

Is any of this going to get fixed?

New quiz also does not 'see' existing question banks under 'classic quiz'. Canvas does not have a method to transfer 'classic quiz' question banks over to 'new quiz' as question banks.

Next, can't export a question bank to a QTI file, we can only export 'quizzes', well I want the ability to build a 'new quiz' selecting questions from 7 different questions banks available to me under the 'class quiz' path.

What is the possible work around here?


Hi there, thought I'd check in on new quizzes essay submissions not showing up on a teachers to-do list after submission. Is this still an issue? I ask because it is not on this known issues page. More info here:

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Possible to get a status update?

When moderating in new quizzes, my students are in some random order. Is there a work around to put them in alphabetical order?

Also, if I've put the question in my test bank, I can't change the points on it even within the test bank. This makes it super cumbersome.

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