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Learning Mastery with New Quiz

Has anyone figured out how to use the Learning Mastery grade book with New Quizzes? I am trying to do some data tracking and I absolutely do not have time to open each Quiz, look for a student, then find their information. This should not be difficult!

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Community Member

Some movement would be great in this area. Doesn't seem to make sense to link to outcomes for us not to be able to collate the data in Learning Mastery. Is there a timeline for when this will be integrated?

I have heard that the timeline for this is end of 2022. This is when Canvas plan to turn off Classic Quizzes. So all functionality of Classic Quizzes should become available in New Quizzes.

Hopefully this included mastery outcomes feeding back to the course mastery outcomes system AND the ability to export/import New Quizzes through commons - which also does not work still.

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This is super critical. Being able to align the outcomes is great but we need to be able to see that data for the whole course easily and quickly within the Mastery Gradebook ASAP! 

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I have waited for two years. Still I need to manually inform the students about their mastery learning outcome.