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Major Exam Glitch

My students took their final exam using New Quizzes today. This was an 80 item exam (worth 100 points), once the students answered question 50, questions 51-80 were blank screens with only the buttons previous and next. Students could click next 30 times and then submit the test. 

In the middle of the exam I had to print the test so students could complete the exam. Why is this happening, I spoke to canvas support when this happened on a previous test and they assured me this was a one time issue because I made changes to setting during the test. During this test I made no changes and it still glitched. 

Has anyone else successfully administered a test with more than 50 questions?

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Wow, that's a disaster in a large course. I'm sorry that I don't have a successful experience to share, as we still haven't turned on New Quizzes in our instance, but these kinds of reports really concern me. I appreciate you sharing your experience with the rest of us, and I hope they can determine the issue to resolve this soon. 

Also, another good use case/scenario to support the need for .

Community Team
Community Team

Hi, Amy,

I realize you originally posted your question quote a while ago, but I wanted to follow up. Were you able to find out what was causing this behavior?



This is a glitch within Canvas as it only allows you to load 50 questions at a time.  I'm in the same boat as we have a 100 question final.  I have to either only do 50 questions or make a Final Exam Part 1 and Final Exam Part 2 with 50 questions each.