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Mark the (current) hot choice in MC practice quizzes to increase learning impact?

I just read this:

"Suppose learners use their free time to go online to review course materials, and they do so by taking optional tests that consist of multiple‐choice questions (MCQs). What will happen if, for every practice question, there is always a choice (out of four possible choices) that is marked as “the (current) hot choice?” Will this make any difference in learning effects?
[...] it was found that the proposed review strategy promoted a more thorough thinking style in subjects of the experimental group."

in Yen-Teh Hsia et. al. (2018). Designating "hot" items in multiple-choice questions - A strategy for r...

Do you think this would be a helpful feature for practicum quizzes in Quizzes.Next? Do you see other strategies to increase the learning impact of practice quizzes?

#curious 😉

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