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MathQuill Unit Vectors

Does anyone know how I can get unit vector notation in the mathquill equation editor in the new quiz engine?  It doesn't seem to recognize \hat{i} or \uvec{i} as latex does.

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It's annoying because it is supported in the RCE when editing a regular page.  The best work-around that I'm using is to use the text  "r-hat" . You can also create the unit vector in the regular RCE then copy it as an image then put the image where you need it. Both are terrible workarounds.) 

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That link has a freakish amount of information on writing latex in Canvas. Very easy to read. I hope this is helpful. 

In an attempt to answer your question if you wanted to write ray AB you could use \(\overrightarrow{AB}\) that inputs nicely. The component vectors could be written as \(\langle\). The \vec in mathquill does not look pretty as the arrow does not increase in length. 

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I couldn't find a way to add a harpoon over a letter to represent a vector. Canvas seems to have no solution to this.