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Migrate Item Bank

When I migrate a quiz to Quizzes.Next that is attached to an Item Bank, the item bank does not move with the quiz.  I have looked documentation and at the available selections and cannot determine how to migrate an item bank from Canvas to Quizzes.Next.  What is the process of migrating Item Banks to Quizzes.Next?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello mcarruth.  You are correct that there is not currently a way to select that you wish to export a question bank from Quizzes Classic to Quizzes.Next directly.  What you can do is go into the settings of your course and export content.  You can select to export the course or export quizzes.  If you select to export quizzes you can determine if you would like to export all quizzes or selected quizzes.  Once selecting the quiz option and selecting a quiz, and the export has completed, there is an option to download the QTI file for the quiz/quizzes as a ZIP file.  After downloading the ZIP file you can go into Quizzes.Next and import the QTI file. 

In testing, this adds the questions from the export to an actual quiz in Quizzes.Next.  You can then go into questions and add these to an existing or new question bank in Quizzes.Next.  If there is a way to create a question bank in Quizzes.Next and import the ZIP file into this instead of creating a quiz and needing to add questions individually back to a named bank I haven't found it.  If anyone else knows that this is possible I would love to hear about it!  Assuming this isn't an option I would very much like to see an option to create a question bank and upload a QTI file there, then create a quiz from those questions as opposed to importing the QTI file into a quiz and then needing to add those questions to a bank.  Hopefully, though, I am just missing something.

I hope this helps and best wishes!

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello mcarruth.  I have been going back to older Quizzes.Next questions to see if any can be updated with new information.  We have not heard from you since your original post, but in my first reply I mentioned sorting questions one at a time into new question banks after migrating an assessment to Quizzes.Next.  I thought I would let you know that there is a way to upload a QTI file directly into a question bank in Quizzes.Next.  I describe the process in a post on this thread, Basically, the process involves adding all of the questions from a question bank to a quiz in the classic system, exporting the quiz as a QTI file, and then in a question bank you create in Quizzes.Next uploading the QTI file.

I'm not sure if this information helps but wanted to make you aware of an easier way than originally described.  Since there has not been any response since August, I am going to mark this question as "assumed answered".  If you feel like this response answers your question, feel free to mark it as correct.  When marked as answered or assumed answered, someone can still post a reply to the thread if appropriate.

Good luck and best wishes!

ericwerth‌, I just tried this repeatedly. I created a classic quiz using the Find A Question feature and pulled 4 questions from a question bank. Saved the quiz. Then I exported the quiz, saved it to my computer. Then Assignment, +Quiz/Test, saved it, opened it, 3 dots menu, Import Content, dragged the file, waited for import, Done.

Then I got these errors: "Invalid Items. Students will not be able to take this assessment until they are resolved." and "Max number exceeded (this bank contains 0 questions)". It created a "Momentum Question Bank - Group - 1" group that appears to have 4 questions in it if you look at the Quizzes.Next lefthand navigation bar, but there are no questions. 

This isn't working. Also, this is a very long and tedious process to move content around. I also think that the Item/Question Banks need to be located in the quiz menu and not buried within 3 dots menus or only within a quiz makes everything so much harder to build. The new Quizzes.Next UI is nice, but is lipstick on a pig when you consider how cumbersome this process it. We really need to be able to have easy access to the question/item banks for editing and a simpler "migration" process that will carry questions WITH the quizzes they belong in. 

Hi  @lsavage .  I checked into this a bit more with a number of tests today and thought I would let you know what I found.

First, like you if I export a quiz from the classic quiz system as a zip file and try to import it into a Quizzes.Next quiz, it doesn't appear to work.  I don't receive an error message.  In fact, I receive a message that says the importing was successful but no questions appear.

Second, I reattempted importing the zip file in a Quizzes.Next question bank as outlined here, Transfer from old Question Banks to new ITEM banks?!? This worked but with an interesting caveat.  Currently it appears that when one imports the zip file into a question bank in Quizzes.Next, the question bank is renamed to whatever the exported quiz was named.  At least for me this isn't an issue I can't overcome now that I understand what is happening.

I did contact Support and they created a ticket related to the behavior of importing content.  I will update this thread when I hear back.

I don't disagree with the points you make about changes that would improve the user experience with Quizzes.Next.  Some of these have come up within the Quizzes.Next user group and like you, I am hopeful that changes will include not only adding features to bring Q.N up to parity with the classic quiz engine, but also continue to improve the UI and other experience-related functionality.

Thanks for posting your observations!

I tried your suggestions and it worked great for me. What made it simpler for me is that I reused the same classic quiz for all my exports, just changed out the questions for each bank. This would not save time if you had hundreds of questions in a bank, but I've already done a lot of bank sorting and only have <20 questions per bank.

I also created just one Q.N quiz to quickly access the Q.N interface and used it for all my Q.N imports. Since my sole focus was on migrating existing question banks and not actual quizzes, this greatly simplified the migration process, although I still found the whole Export/Import process to be unnecessarily tedious.

I am glad to hear this  @lsavage !  As an update from Support, they were able to replicate the question bank name being changed because of a file import and sent this along to the engineering group to review.  I tested importing the zip file directly into a Quizzes.Next quiz this morning, and now it appears to be working ok for me again.  The import says it is successful and the questions appear as expected.

All the best!

Community Contributor

Eric, thanks for your comments on how to address the issue. I work in K-12 with teachers to help them in using Canvas (along with other things) and this is an issue that several teachers have. We are running both Quizzes and Quizzes.Next as Q.N get refined and more of the features that existed in Q are added to Q.N. So we have some time as that transition occurs, but some of the banks that have been created in Q are pretty extensive and there can be several of them. Combined with the difference in Q.N that Banks are connected to the teacher rather than course. This means that there is a lot of Bank Migration that needs to occur and even though the process works for the most part, it is a significant invest of work for a significant amount of people. I have looked around and haven't found a feature request, but is anyone else aware of one for a bulk Bank migration feature? I thought that at one of the early Quizzes next session at InstructureCon (like 2016) there was an indication that would be a feature as Q.N rolled out, but I have not seen it materialize. 

Sorry, perhaps I should have started a new strand or posted in a different location. I guess I am just trying to see if there are other folks out there who are trying to find the same unicorn I am hunting.

Thanks for the link to the feature idea  @dgrilley !  While there are workarounds to this, it would be nice to be able to move an existing question bank in classic quizzes to new quizzes.  Particularly since this would likely result in the bank name being preserved which is an issue I have run in to when migrating a bank from one system to the other as currently designed.