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Migrating Test Banks to New Quizzes

Has Canvas determined how to do this?  It's essential for those of use who have typed hundreds of questions into test banks.

Considering that the use of New Quizzes will soon be required, clean and seamless migration should be a top priority. 

Thank You.

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Community Champion

@jroles I totally agree and would also like this migration feature. However, from what I understand, New Quizzes is being "required" in July just in the sense that that institutions have New Quizzes turned on, not that they're turning off Classic Quizzes. That was the original plan (to start turning off Classic in July), but they changed that and haven't yet announced a date for turning off Classic. I've also heard that they won't turn off Classic until they figured out an easy way to migrate, but I'd love confirmation on that, too. 

HTH with stress levels, and someone please correct me if I'm wrong! 🙂 

Community Champion

You can migrate now but the process currently requires a bunch of steps so it is not desirable. I wrote this awhile ago so some information is out of date. I'm still trying to figure out how to use this new community site and editing appears to very difficult. 

New Quiz Migration Options

According to this page, New Quizzes Timeline Overview, the new migration tool should be available in summer 2021. 

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Hi there, great resources posted above. I recently came across this video series on quiz migration that I found helpful. Clear demonstration of the migration process(es). Hopefully the processes will be refined further so that videos like these are not required.