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Monitoring: Can not add extra time to individual exams

Any extra time granted to a student through Monitoring will give that student extra time for ALL exams in Quiz.LTI for that course.  This is a problem for tech related issues as well as complications for SDRC.

This is also an issue whenever a Testing Center experiences a technical problem, at no fault to the student, causes the student to miss time in an individual exam.  Without this monitoring tool we can not compensate the student for any technical errors that will eventually happen.

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Hi kbutts,

The additional time given to a student can be changed at any time via the Moderate page of any assessment that student has taken or been assigned within the given Canvas course. This means that between assessment sessions the student's additional time could be updated or reset as needed. In the case of students who are affected by a technical difficulty preventing them from taking the assessment, they too can be given additional time before beginning their attempt. Also consider that these settings are only relevant for timed assessments. Time spent on an attempt can be seen on the results/grading page as well as in the attempt log.


Kevin Dougherty

Assoc. Product Manager, Assessments



How would you grant additional time to an attempt in progress? Your workaround would only affect any new submissions.

Your suggestion to use the "global" moderate features would be extremely onerous to manage. Different people may be managing technical issues versus extra time granted for accommodations. There is no easy way to tell which students have extra time granted through moderation. You'd have to click on the moderate button for every single student to ensure that no one is accidentally receiving extra time.

While I think it's a great feature to have the moderation apply to all assessments, it's really important to still grant a more granular level of control.