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Multi-Part Questions

I've searched all over and have not been able to find anything about this anywhere. Even in the standard Quizzes, you were not able to easily create a multi-part question (i.e., a numbered question with parts a, b, c, ... that refer to an initial question stem). However, you were able to work around this by using Multiple Dropdowns or Fill in Multiple Blanks. The result would look something like this:


When trying to recreate the same effect in Quizzes.Next, the formatting does not allow you to ENTER a new line, making the question one long, awkward paragraph. Furthermore, once you highlight a word and designate it as a BLANK spot, it creates even more odd formatting. The more BLANKs you enter, the worse the formatting becomes:



Am I missing something here about he formatting?

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Surveyor II

I'm interested in the answer to this question, too. We use fill-in-the-blank grids on quizzes quite extensively at my institution, but without having that functionality currently in Quizzes.Next, we haven't migrated our quizzes yet.


I'm just digging into Quizzes.Next and I see the same thing, I think this Feature Request relates to this lack of parity with the classic Quizzes.


Surveyor II

How to I upvote this idea?  I really need to be able to create multiple parts to the same question!!!

@acgottfrThis is not the idea forum.  If you go to Product>Roadmap>Idea Conversations you will see ideas that you can vote on.  Multiple blanks (or drop downs) are possible with fill in the blank.  Just type the entire statement with the correct words, and then go back and highlight the word(s) that should be blanks.  After you highlight a word click "create blank" and formatting options for the blank will appear.  To create a second blank, highlight a second word.

@lkeeganI cannot recreate the strange line break after your drop down. Have you tried that with multiple questions?  What happens if you look at it with a wider screen? 

I could not find a way to create a line break on purpose, but it is the subject of an idea that is open for votes here:

Thanks for the feedback.  I would like to format the multiple answer questions so that part a is on the first line, part b is on the second line, etc.  Since text has to be highlighted and "enter" is used to set up the drop down menu, there is no way to put a return in the text to start a new line.   Am I missing a way to format the question in this manner?  Is there another way to do a hard return?

I do not believe you are missing anything about the formatting. There is a conversation about allowing a way to create a line break as a feature here:

Adding your perspective there could show how the idea is relevant outside of the math problems used to propose that idea.