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Multiple Attempts Per Quiz Question AND.OR unique point values

So this is the time for innovation with New Quizzes, right?! It seems like such an easy concept that I'm shocked I can't find anything about it. 

I am an instructional designer assisting with multiple medical education courses that need to have a quiz/assessment show question at a time (got that), but it needs multiple attempts per question (don't have that, only multiple attempts per entire quiz). 

For example, on a multiple choice question, with four possible answers, a student choose one answer, but they didn't get it right. They should be able to have limited or unlimited attempts to answer that question BEFORE being able to move on to the next question. 

Now for icing on the cake, unique point values would be assigned by question attempt. The first time you answer a question correctly you get 4pts. If it takes you multiple attempts, you might get 2pts for the 2nd try etc. 

Please help, please look at advanced functionality for advanced learning!

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Community Champion

This sounds like a good idea to propose here:
and then provide a link to your idea here so others can find it and vote on it