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Multiple Hot Spots

Is there any talk of allowing multiple hot spots for the hot spot question type? For example, if I asked a student to select the mitochondria on a cell diagram for a question, that diagram might have multiple mitochondria on it. I wouldn't want the student to be wrong just because they didn't pick the same part of the image that I did. It seems very limited the way it is.

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Hi  @arnold_cassie ‌,

This feature has been discussed and is under consideration for future development.


Kevin Dougherty

Assoc. Product Manager, Assessments


Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @arnold_cassie .  I am going through older Quizzes.Next questions that have not been marked as answered to see if updates are appropriate.  Multiple hot spots in a single question could have some great uses!  It looks like Kevin replied to your question, but that there hasn't been additional posts in the thread since December.  Based on his reply, I am going to mark this post as "correct".  This doesn't prevent additional discussion on this thread if appropriate.


I am quite disappointed that it has been over a year and a half since someone brought up a need to canvas and nothing has been done about it. As a language arts teacher I often need multiple words or pieces of multiple sentences throughout the paragraph included in the hot spot to make it specific. Without the ability to select multiple hot spots, my hot spot would include the entire text. Why has this not been created yet? Our students have this option on their end of level tests so I know it is possible to do. 

Seems like something that should've existed when this was made available. One hotspot is great, but FAR from ideal.

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This multiple hot spot feature is a MUST for science education where we are often asking students to find parts of a diagram, model, or graph and there may be more than one answer.  Please update to have multiple hot spots.

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Please please please add this feature (speaking as a foreign language teacher). There's a lot of useful discussion of what's needed on this thread, that should definitely be incorporated:

In particular, the need to have two different types of multiple-answer hot spot: one where more than one location on the image counts as correct, and another where all the multiple correct locations on the image must be selected.

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Trying to find a tool that has students identify all of the adjectives in a sentence. Thought hot spot would be ideal until I realized that I couldn't select more than one word in the sentence... Is there an update on when this feature will be updated?

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@KristenHolan I can't answer your question, but one possible workaround would be to use the Categorization question type. You could have each word be a possible answer and arrange them in in order of the sentence. Don't shuffle the answer choices. Then your two categories could be Adjectives and Non-adjectives. Keep in mind that with this question type, all items must be correct in order to get full points. You could also do this with just one category, but I don't think the question would present the answer choices in the order of the sentence. 🧰 Just a suggestion

Any idea when this question type will be added to New Quizzes?