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Multiple Hotspots

On the new quiz engine feature, the use of a hotspot question is a great addition. Could we though have a question type of multiple hot spots? In math and science, sometimes it's really difficult to narrow down what we want the students to identify on a graph with just one click. Multiple clicks, just like multiple answers, would allow us to assess the students understanding on a more comprehensive level. With the foundation already lain with a hotspot question, I feel as though this would be a simple addition to the already expansive new quiz engine and one for which the math and science teachers would be eternally grateful. 

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I think this would be a good addition - PollEverywhere supports this

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I was just thinking about this today! I think it would also be great to allow for partial points based on area click. I could see how that could be used for areas where you may be close, but not quite right.

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@mjennings @willmoin @wkylephillips 

This suggestion should be sent in as an idea conversation so that it becomes visible to developers and others in the Canvas community.

Here is the link for how to create a new idea conversation:

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Actually this idea is already started here:

go there to vote for it to hopefully get this into development.