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New Quiz editing questions and answers slow, cumbersome, and requires 4 clicks to enter data

Entering questions in New Quiz is frustratingly slow, cumbersome, and requires too many clicks:

  • It consumes too much CPU time, computer battery energy, heats up the laptop, and slows down the computer to a grinding halt:
    • It requires quitting the web browser and re-launch the browser to clear the slowness.
    • Please reduce unnecessary background processing.
  • It is extremely cumbersome to enter the question items (compared to the old quiz) and painfully slow to enter any question or answer items.
  • The built-in editor is too buggy:
    • It requires at least 4 clicks (sometimes 5 clicks) before you can enter the text field.
    • When you click the question/answer item text field:
    • 1st-click:
      • It displays a blue rectangular box
        • but nothing in it, no text editor, or text field to enter.
    • 2nd-click:
      • It shows the build-in editor
        • but it does not allow any text to be entered into the text field;
        • it does not select which one row of the 3-row table the text is to be entered;
        • there is no mouse focus on which of the 3 rows in the editor table to enter the text;
    • 3rd-click (in the middle row of the text editor table):
      •  It shows a blue box bordered rectangular box where the text field should be
        • but it still does not allow you to enter any text into the text field;
    • 4th-click:
      • The blue-bordered middle row table of the text editor disappeared
      • it finally allows you to enter the question/answer item into the text field;
    • 5th-click:
      • If you accidentally clicked on the bottom row of the 3-row text editor,
        • it does nothing,
        • I don't know why there is a 3rd blank row in the text editor for nothing???
  • Why are there 3 rows (instead of 2 rows) in the build-in text editor HTML table?
    • What is the 3rd (bottom) blank blue-box row in the built-in editor for?
    • Why does it trap the user to click the 3-row (bottom row) of the editor table for nothing (without allowing text entry or serving any purpose)?
    • Why does the blank 3rd row located exactly at where you double-click the item question to enter the text, and always end up click on the 3rd row instead of the text-entry (text field) in the 2nd row?
  • Why does anyone design the text editor to force the user to click at least 4-click before anyone can enter the text field into the question or answer items?
  • Why is the New Quiz text editor so slow and consumes so much CPU energy to heat up the laptop?
  • Why is the "Tag" or "Metadata" entry is missing when you create a new question (unless you edit the same question in the item bank?
  • Why does it require so many clicks to re-edit the same question item later?
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I think if the IT team who designed it ever used the editor to enter the quiz questions and find out how cumbersome and painful it is just to enter a single quiz question, then it may fix the issues better.