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New Quiz statistics for over 100 questions

So I looked around to make sure this hadn't been answered somewhere else, but since I couldn't find it I figured I would ask.

Many of our course faculty want to create a Comprehensive Exam that mirrors the state certification exams that our nursing students will encounter. Most of the exam have 150 questions, but this has always been problematic for us in creating the exams due to the limits on Classic Quizzes.

Classic Quizzes has a limit on the student statistics of 100 questions or 1000 attempts:

For optimum course performance in the Canvas interface, quiz statistics will only generate for quizzes with 100 or fewer unique questions or 1000 total attempts. For instance, a quiz with 200 questions will not generate quiz statistics. However, a quiz with 75 questions will generate quiz statistics until the quiz has reached 1000 attempts. Results greater than these maximum values can be viewed by downloading the Student Analysis report and viewing the CSV file.

I was wondering if there is a similar limit on New Quizzes. There is no mention of a limit on the guide for viewing assessment reports, but I wanted to see if this was just omitted or if there is no mention, because there is no limit.

Has anyone used New Quizzes with more than 100 questions and gotten the statistics?


Thanks in advance!


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