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New Quizzes Feature Comparison

New Quizzes Feature Comparison

Last Updated 2020-08-21

The following tables below show the current functionality available in New Quizzes compared to the functionality in Canvas Quizzes.

Additional functionality will continue to be added per the roadmap timeline in User Group: New Quizzes‌.


Canvas Workflows

  Classic Quizzes New Quizzes
Course Copy
Common Cartridge Import
QTI Import
Quiz Exports (content and files)
Duplicate Quiz from Quizzes page  
Third-party Integrations (Proctor/Security)  
Third-Party Item Types (Integration Framework) %  
Blueprint Courses Initial sync only
Ability to configure in *
Loss of Connectivity message when relevant %
Role permissions support  
  • Designer role support
  • Observer role support
  • TA role support
Ability to enable at sub-account/course levels via flag N/A
Quiz content migration from Canvas N/A
Question Bank content migration from Canvas N/A  

% - Partial solution 



  Classic Quizzes New Quizzes

Import Content into Individual Quiz


Create Practice Quiz

Create an assignment worth 0 points*

Create Ungraded Quiz

Create an assignment worth 0 points and select option to exclude from final grade*

Create Survey  
Preview quiz (student view)
API access to quizzes  
LockDown browser support
Customize Question Feedback
Leave/Resume Quiz
Manage Question Banks/Item Banks
  • Bookmark Banks
  • Copy/Move Banked Questions
  • Delete Banks
  • Import Banks
  • Randomize Bank Questions
  • Share item banks
  • Tag banked items with metadata
  • Search content within an item bank
Regrade Questions

Reorder Questions

Rich Content Editor
  • Record audio and video
  • Content Selector Sidebar
  • Accessibility Checker
  • Apps and LTI tools
  • HTML Editor
  • Insert media iframe
  • Right-to-left/left-to-right formatting buttons

* Not supported; workaround option


Item/Question Types

  Classic Quizzes New Quizzes
Fill in the Blank
Fill in Multiple Blanks Use Fill in the Blank question*
File Upload
Multiple Answer
Multiple Choice
Multiple Dropdown Use Fill in the Blank question*
Text (No Question) Text can be included as stimulus content, but the stimulus type requires adding questions related to the content*
Hot Spot  

* Not supported; workaround option


  Classic Quizzes New Quizzes
Allow Multiple Attempts (All Students)
Allow Multiple Attempts (Individual Student)
Require Waiting Period Between Attempts  
Display One Question at Time
Require Access Code
Set Time Limit
Shuffle Questions Globally  
Shuffle Answers Globally
Hide Student Responses
Filter IP Addresses
Assign to Individual Student *
Assign to Section *
Set Availability Dates *
Shuffle Answers per Question  

* Customize by editing the assignment in Canvas


Grading & Moderation

  Classic Quizzes New Quizzes
Add Extra Time (Individual Student, for the whole course)  
Add Extra Time (Individual Student, for the assessment)
Add Extra Attempt (Individual Student, for the assessment)
View Moderation Page
Manually Submit Attempts
View Quiz Log
View Student Results
Automatic grading of questions
Add Fudge Points
Grade One Question at a Time (SpeedGrader)  



  Classic Quizzes New Quizzes*
Item Analysis
Summary Statistics
Quintile Performance  
Student Analysis CSV  

* Reports may take up to 24 hours to generate

Labels (1)

Thank you for sharing your experiences to help us in the community better understand the current limitations. I'm sure that we'll have instructors encounter these hassles and frustrations when we turn on the feature for our campus.

Sounds like something they need to add to Known Issues, unless of course this is their intended implementation.

Thank you for sharing your experiences to help us in the community better understand the current limitations. I'm sure that we'll have instructors with this same concern if/when we turn on the feature for our campus. It would be great to hear if there are any work arounds or if this is on the radar to be fixed/changed.

Sounds like something they would want to include on the Known Issues page, unless of course this is their intended implementation.

Hi  @hannah_crowder ‌,

The ability to restrict the submission results page from students will be available after the start of the school year -- that is after mid September. It is on our immediate roadmap and the initial code-level work is in progress.

Canvas Quizzes will continue to be available and exist alongside Quizzes.Next for some time as noted on the main page of the community area.


Kevin Dougherty

Assoc. Product Manager, Assessments


Hi  @ken_i_mayer ‌,

Course copy will copy a Quizzes.Next assessment successfully, and schools are using this in their course template process. Since it is possible to copy a single quiz through the course copy functionality, there have also been instructors sharing assessments across courses outside of the typical template workflows.

Quizzes.Next item banks are not in Canvas and are currently only accessible from within Quizzes.Next. So they will not be included in course exports, just as Quizzes.Next assessments won't. Since item banks are tied to the user that created them and not to a course, they are no longer affected by a course copy.

Our future development plans include item bank sharing between users. Part of this vision will reduce the need for so much duplicated content and thus better manage bank content integrity. Unfortunately in the meantime each instructor will need their own item bank. If you are exporting content from Canvas and importing into a Quizzes.Next item bank via a QTI file, each user will need a copy of the file and to perform their own import. Do you think that item bank sharing will address the need course-based question banks did in Canvas?

Also, the 50 bank limitation will be removed soon.


Kevin Dougherty

Assoc. Product Manager, Assessments


We have discovered Quizzes.Next does not support the “Grader” role in Canvas. In the “Grader” role when attempting to grade a quiz in SpeedGrader the following error appears. Please update this feature comparison page to include the lack of functionality for this role.

289518_grader error.png

A key component that should be on this document is that does have an HTML editor. I'm not going to beat a dead horse, as others  have  commented on this already, but this would be really helpful, especially for stimulus items. 

Other key components that are missing from developing quizzes in include (source😞

  1. Record audio and video via tool in the RCE
  2. Content Selector Sidebar
  3. Accessibility Checker
  4. Apps and LTI tools
  5. HTML Editor
  6. Media Recorder
  7. Right-to-left/left-to-right formatting buttons

Very good list!!

Addendum to the above...

It looks like you can embed iframes after all with the below workaround:

  1. Click the "insert/edit media" button.
  2. Click embed.
  3. Paste or write your embed code. Make sure you have it just right (size, etc.), as you cannot edit after-the-fact.
  4. Click save.

Which feature is this comment about? I can't find iframes or embed in the feature chart above or any comments. Thanks!

This is a work-around to embed iframes in Quizzes.Next.


I'm also really enjoying the unique features of Quizzes.Next for our internal training courses. Thank you for the opportunity to send the tool through the ringer ahead of a wide-scale release.

The biggest holdup we have is what  @mariehenderson6  describes. We need to hide the correct answers to ensure our technicians reach the correct conclusions at their own pace using the videos and documents we provide in preceding Pages. The course I'm designing is available to begin, progress, and conclude at any time. I'm currently setting it up to allow for unlimited attempts. The net result is that a student can take the Quizzes.Next quiz once, jot down the correct answers, and take it a second time with all the correct answers.

We are still soliciting feedback from my team so this omission is not halting progress; however, it is holding back releasing the completed modules to technicians who need this information. Is there a timeline on this quiz setting in Quizzes.Next? To be overly clear, I'm referring to the row in the table above called "Show Student Response Options." Thanks!

This isn't the right thread, but I don't know where to ask this one.  Is there an update on the Respondus Lockdown Browser?  I know this in their court, but any info available would be helpful. Lacking this feature makes Quizzes Next a no-go for our teachers.

Hi  @rswengel .  The last update I heard about Respondus was from an Instructure employee working with Quizzes.Next this summer at the InstructureCon unconference.  I summarized my impressions of the discussion here,  I hope this is helpful! 

Thanks, Eric.  Not the answer I was hoping for time wise.  My teachers won't be using Quizzes Next until this is resolved.  This is too important to test security.

Perhaps the table could be updated to include variation in Feedback given for questions? eg Quizzes tool allows feedback for each answer whilst allows only feedback for right/wrong answers


I see that the new release notes for october is up, but no mention of this feature. Do you know if it has been postponed?

Hi cknoph‌,


I believe you are referring to my comment:

The ability to restrict the submission results page from students will be available after the start of the school year -- that is after mid September.


My comment was made in response to an earlier post in the thread where another user asked about the timeline of availability:

Will this be fixed on the LTI before the start of the school year?


What I was hoping to do was to only confirm that this feature would unfortunately not be available "before the start of the school year," but I did not mean to imply it would be part of a specific release. Sorry for any confusion.


Kevin Dougherty

Assoc. Product Manager, Assessments


Hi  @GideonWilliams ‌,

I think that you may be referring to "general feedback" as described here: 


Kevin Dougherty

Assoc. Product Manager, Assessments


Thank you for the reply and the clarification Smiley Happy

Hi  @hannah_crowder  & cknoph,

It looks like the Restrict Student Results option rolled into production in Saturday's release.

Our CSM noted that selecting a date/time to release results is still on the roadmap, but they wanted to get this basic functionality in place as soon as possible.

We are just starting to play with Quizzes.Next and have lots to learn.

Thought I would share something I just experienced.

I have Admin role and usually Admin role is greater than my role in a course -- for example, even if I've been added as Student, I have editing rights.

I'm in a testing Sandbox course enrolled as a Student and don't have the Edit rights for the sample Quizzes.Next quiz we have in there.

But I have editing rights, thanks to my Admin role, for everything else in the course, including regular Quizzes, other Assignments, etc.

There needs to be an item added to this table of a feature that is sorely missed by our instructors in the Quizzes.Next tool:

It is: "The ability to let students see their submissions and the questions marked incorrect, without allowing them to also see the correct answers." Our instructors, particularly our math instructors, want students to be able to make quiz corrections without retaking the entire quiz. Not having this functionality is really causing problems for them when they want to use Quizzes.Next.

The comparison table currently does not make this important distinction between the two tools clear enough for our instructors who are weighing which tool to use to administer their assessments.

Yes, its an interesting one that. Also admin but have a student and teacher role in a course. I have to delete the student role before I can edit the quiz as a teacher!

Would love an update on when/if old banks will convert over somehow to Quizzes.Next? The workaround ericwerth‌ has posted here and elsewhere isn't practical with multiple quizzes using groups of questions. Thanks!

Would be really great to get feature parity on "Grade one question at a time". Any ETA on when that is being fixed. The more complex the quiz is, the more necessary is it to add additional graders to grade specific questions. If you're dealing with 100's of students, then grading one question at a time is highly desirable. 

Can you please verify whether this list has been updated or not in the past 3 months? I still see "Hide student responses" as unchecked in Quizzes Next column, but that feature seems to have been added in the QuizzesNext Settings, called "Restrict Student Results". 

Have they not updated the spreadsheet above accordingly? Doesn't seem like it. 

I'm not sure if this falls under "Settings" or "Grading & Moderation," but in standard Quizzes, a quiz would automatically submit if an Available Until date was set and passed. In Quizzes.Next, if there is an Available Until date set, but no time limit, students are locked out of the assignment when the availability window closes, but the quiz does not automatically submit. Instead, it just shows the submission as "In Progress."

Thanks, Barish! This document has now been updated.

I would also like to point out (as  @bryan_biggers  already has) that the Media Recorder is missing from the comparison list. 

I would agree that the Media Recording feature should be tracked as part of achieving parity with the current Quizzes tool.

New Quizzes really needs speedgrading one question at a time! 

Please make "Grade one question at a time" available in New Quizzes. This is a really helpful feature when there are short answers on a multiple choice quiz because then I can grade all of the responses to one question before moving to the next. Thanks!

Is there is really no way to export quizzes and banks produced in Quizzes.Next to give to another instructor? That seems like an important missing feature. 

Is there a way to insert an audio prompt in the question in a new quiz? 

It's good to know that there are different quiz features because it allow students various opportunities to show their knowledge and understanding of the concepts that's taught. Developmentally, elementary students have not crafted test taking skills. Personally, I feel that test taking strategies  should be taught prior to administering any type of assessment.  

A fatal flaw of the new quizzes that is not mentioned in the list or elsewhere by Canvas is that if you have a question that needs to be graded by the instructor within a quiz like an essay question it will not be indicated in the gradebook with an orange dot nor will ungraded assignments appear in the “To Do” list on the course home page. In the speed grader all the submissions will be checked green making it a big hassle to manually grade questions within quizzes unless you wait until they are all submitted. This issue really needs to be fixed by Canvas and I am not sure how it could have been missed in this feature comparison. 

An instructor pointed out to us that if you enable one question at a time, and disallow backtracking, New Quizzes does not warn students if they submit a blank question.

For reference, classic quizzes gives you two warnings:

1. when you begin the quiz:

Screen Shot 2020-09-21 at 11.36.40 AM.png

2. when you attempt to move to the next question without answering the current question:

Screen Shot 2020-09-21 at 11.37.22 AM.png

Truly fatal flaw: We're having the same issue as @milesl . When backtracking is disabled, students can accidentally submit a blank answer. I've had multiple students miss points because of this.

@erinhmcmillan @CanvasDocTeam @How quickly could we get a fix for this? I don't think we can continue using New Quizzes unless this gets fixed because it's definitely impacting student performance 😥

There is one feature that has not been identified in this list. 

I often place significant information in the introduction/header of a quiz. I want that information to be visible to students AFTER the close date. However, in the new quizzes once the quiz closes, the students can't see that. They only see the message "This assignment was locked <DATE>. No content.".

They can view their submission on the side of the screen (if it is allowed in the quiz settings), but this only shows the quiz questions, not the introduction.

The old quiz tool does not have this problem. Please add this capability to the new quiz tool!

This is feedback on New Quizzes from teachers in my building:

Canvas quizzes need to:

  1. Offer option to eliminate one distractor per question.
  2. Award partial credit for questions that have multiple answers (classic quizzes used to)
  3. Point value generated by a quiz in new quizzes needs to sync to how many points the quiz is worth in the “edit quiz” screen (as opposed to the “build a quiz” screen)
  4. Bring back graded surveys/polls to new quizzes
  5. Need to be able to add rubrics to essay questions in new quizzes
  6. Need to be able to lock certain questions in place when shuffling questions in new quizzes – that is, I want the essay to always be at the end….
  7. Canvas does NOT put an item in your “things to do” when you have essays to grade in new quizzes – it used to do this in classic quizzes – it needs to bring this back – now you have to go to speedgrader and scroll through looking for them…. Very slow and inefficient.
  8. Speedgrader does NOT put quizzes with essays that need to be graded 1st even when sorted to put items that need to be graded 1st so you have to scroll through entire classes/rosters, wait for the quiz to load, and see if something needs to be graded – slow and inefficient
  9. There is no hotlink to take you straight to the essay question that needs to be graded in new quizzes like there was in classic quizzes – adds to inefficiency, especially when questions are sorted and you can’t just scroll right to the end…

The IP filter should be marked as a partial solution. Classic quizzes let faculty select their IP filter intuitively by location name; now they have to somehow just...know the correct IP addresses? Have it saved on a sticky note somewhere? Without any way for the institution to provide the correct/available IPs right on the Quiz page, this feature isn't fully implemented and requires workarounds.

Gauge (but not New Quizzes) has this feature. The Campus option (6) allows teachers to restrict the test to certain locations and/or campuses.


Tags & DetailsTags & Details

Hi everybody, here is a list of the feature ideas that are floating out there in response to this list of items for feature parity- I didn't see these items in the tables provided, so I suggest that we update the tables in this article to include these features of Classic Quizzes:

Limit Time to Review Quiz Questions:

View Feedback Only Once after Each Attempt: 

Immediate Feedback after Each Question:

IP Address Dropdown selection:

Please make these happen!

Yes, please work on bringing the functionality over to the new quizzes as suggested by @tracie_kleman.  I'm not a big fan of extra work created by changes in systems that are supposed to make tasks more streamlined.  If classic quizzes is going away because it's somehow inferior or antiquated or unfixable, the least we could have moving forward is the basic stuff that worked before, especially since we also have to contend with the learning curve that goes with new quizzes.


Hi all,

I see there are auto-grade options and these work great for everything except essay. I've build some modules in the new quiz platform and one of the things we need is to be able to have open response with immediate feedback question by question. I've typically seen the feedback presented as a results page at the end. Is there an option to select immediate feedback when questions are presented one at a time? Since we are only tracking completion, not scores, so these assignments are typically set to zero points which don't count in the gradebook, if we could get essay questions to auto-grade the completion without having to grade manually that would be ideal. Let me know if this is possible with the current options. 

Also looking forward to some of the HTML options to embed coming down the pike. Some great possibilities here.

Please please please add the ability to export quiz reports. It makes no sense that this feature has been absent for years plural, and it is a colossal pain to try to work around it. As a Canvas admin, I also hate that I have to tell faculty that this basic option, which could at least get around the "grade one question at a time" issue in SpeedGrader, is unavailable. Moreover, add back in the ability to see who chose which answers in said quiz reports. The text is already blue, yet is somehow not a link! (And feel free to eviscerate me, assorted commentariat, if I'm overlooking something in my frustration.)Random_Formula_Quiz_Report.png



I would love to see a maximum grade on retests.

I do not like the New Quiz at all!  I am not able to see any of the students questions or answers so I can see who did poorly on a specific question or I cant see the essay question so I can manually grade the question.  Does any one know how to see what the students answers are in the new quiz?  I will never use new quiz again. Only use the classic quiz, I cant do half as much as I could do not with the New option as I could do with the Classic view quiz options.