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New Quizzes Feature Ideas

I appreciate the time for feature ideas may have passed for the New Quizzes platform, but I'm hopeful you might consider the following three ideas: 1) Segmenting quizzes by time; 2) A purely audio submission question type; and 3) Assigning "zero" attempts to a student.  

Segmenting Quizzes by Time: A common IEP or 504 testing accommodation requires that we split our final exams into two parts (more rarely, 3 parts) which is a time consuming process that also invites error. It would be highly beneficial if a built-in feature allowed me to segment the exam into sections and assign each section a time limit; once the allotted time expired for a section, the student would no longer be able to return to that section. The student should also be removed from the quiz after the allotted section time and/or be able to submit one part of the quiz and return later to resume (start the next section) of the quiz. 

Audio Submission Question Type: Several of our exams—specifically our world languages exams—require students to record audio responses. Currently, these questions are built as essays and students are provided detailed instructions on accessing the Upload/Record Media tool in the RCE. This presents several issues:  1) Students sometimes overlook the instructions and type a response rather recording one; 2) The process is overly complex and instructions must be updated as the RCE is updated; and 3) the Upload/Record Media tool currently conflicts with Proctorio, which sometimes blocks access to the tool. It would be much simpler if there was an audio response question type, where a simple recording interface was embedded in the question.

Assigning "Zero" Attempts for a Student: The moderate quiz tool is a great feature that we commonly use. However, there are several scenarios that require us to lock students out of a specific quiz. Currently, we lock students out by setting the due and available until date to a time in the past for a particular student. This is problematic because it requires editing the quiz, and it's far too easy to inadvertently change another quiz setting: sometimes, just clicking near an option causes a box to check or uncheck. (As an aside, Proctorio-enabled quizzes are very "delicate" and editing an exam can lead to several errors). Thus, it would be both safer and more logical if you could lock out a student using the moderate quiz tool by assigning zero attempts. 

I must believe that these two features would be welcomed and widely used by many schools. I hope you will consider integrating them into New Quizzes. Thank you for all your work and time. 

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